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Doug Casey,
Speculator, Financial Advisor,
Founder, The Eris Society, Contributing Editor, Liberty Magazine, Editor, Doug Casey's International Speculator and author of "The New Praetorians", "The Markets", and "Tax Time"
Robert R. Prechter, Jr.
Wildly successful market prognosticator,
Editor, The Elliott Wave Theorist, and Global Market Perspective. Author of numerous books and articles about wave theory, technical market analysis and the discoveries of Nikolai Kondratieff, Leonardo Fibonacci, and especially, of R. N. Elliott and his life and times

Jim Rogers
(Yes, it's he; you just can't see the bow tie!)
Senior Editor, Worth Magazine
Commentator on "The Cost of Freedom" on the FoxNews Channel Saturday mornings, 
author of Investment Biker
and "Shackled or Free?"

Mark Skousen,
Economist, Financial Advisor, College Professor, Author of many Books, Essays and Articles. His newsletter, Mark Skousen's Forecasts & Strategies,
has grown to become one of the most consistently accurate, wisest and largest financial newsletters. 
<BACK to more libertarian celebrities Marty Zweig,
Respected Investment Analyst, Successful Investment Adviser, Newsletter Writer, Fund Manager, author of Winning on Wall Street, creator of the "ZUPI," or Zweig Unweighted Price Index, subject of a Forbes interview, and a comment in Liberator Online.

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