more libertarian entrepreneurs

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Richard Branson,
Entrepreneur Extraordinaire,
CEO of Britain's Virgin Group,
which includes Virgin Atlantic Airways,
Virgin Cola, Virgin Radio, the Virgin Net ISP, 
etc., etc. etc., etc., etc. etc. ... 

John Mackey, 
Chairman of the Board & CEO, 
Whole Foods Market, subject of
Forbes Magazine articles
and observations, and an 
observation about Forbes' observations 
in Liberator Online.
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T. J. Rodgers
Chairman of the Board & CEO, 
Cypress Semiconductor, subject of recent Wired Magazine articles, a Reason Magazine interview, an ABC-TV documentary, and author of many policy analyses and publications himself. 

NOTE: The use of the adjective "libertarian" is based only on the opinion of this page's publisher, and in no way means that anyone listed here belongs to any particular organized group or that they have ever even referred to themselves as libertarian.