"The Wondrous Dream"
Each night I dream about the beach, 
And God is somewhere out of reach. 
I see His footprints, but no more; 
No other prints are on the shore.

But then some weirder prints appear! 
I shout, "My God, what have we here? 
These prints are large and round and neat, 
And Lord, they're way too big for feet!"

"My child," I hear His booming voice, 
"I've carried you; that was my choice. 
And when you grew in strength and mind, 
I challenged you your way to find." 

"I said, 'Go learn to think and do, 
Learn wisdom, truth, and honor too. 
And then you'll find you'll lead the way 
For others who might go astray.' "

"But you refused; you would not grow. 
Initiative you would not show. 
So I got tired and quite fed up, 
And there I dropped you on your butt."

"Because in life, there comes a time 
When you must fight, and you must climb, 
When you must rise and take a stand, 
Or leave your butt-prints in the sand." 

-- copied from http://FreedomKeys.com/wondrous.htm

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