Results of studies of voting machine reliability (at CalTech & MIT):
Optical scanners have an error rate of 3.3%
Touch screen systems have an error rate of 3.0% (& are NOT recountable)
Data Vote systems have an error rate of 3.2%
Punch Cards?  They have an error rate of 2.5% ... the best of the bunch.
Dimpled Chads?  Possible ONLY if you try to vote 3 or more cards at a time.
Idiots?  I'd rather they didn't vote, actually.
Palm Beach County's motto?  "We put the 'duh' in Floriduh!"
Hugo Chavez' Party has links to OUR Voting Machines!

The "Triple-Check" System of Tamper-Proof Voting
and Vote Tabulation

"Computer scientists have been protesting the switch. They're particularly concerned that few of the computers provide paper records, making it nearly impossible to have meaningful recounts, or to prove that vote tampering hasn't occurred." -- Rachel Konrad, AP 

"Software used by an electronic voting system manufactured by Sequoia Voting Systems has been left unprotected on a publicly available server, raising concerns about the possibility of vote tampering in future elections. .... The security breach means that anyone with a minimal amount of technical knowledge could see how the code works and potentially exploit it."  -- Wired, 10/29/03
"A joint report, released this summer, by researchers at Rice and Johns Hopkins universities, found that the system developed by e-voting manufacturer Diebold 'is far below even the mostminimal security standards applicable in other contexts.' " 
               -- Julian Sanchez, ReasonOnline, 11/11/03

"In their report, the Maryland hackers picked the electronic locks on the voting machine cases 'in under 10 seconds' and created fake access cards that gave them the ability to alter results and even end the election." -- Paul Blair,, 2/11/04