by illigitimis publius727

There once was a quisling, McCain
Whose party he held in disdain;
He says with a swagger
And blood on his dagger,
"Perchance I would do it again."

There once was a turncoat named Graham
Who considered his party a sham;
He weaseled, appeased;
Constituents?  Displeased!
But frankly he won't give a damn.

There once was a traitor named Specter
Who reminds one of Hannibal Lector;
He says with a sneer
That goes ear to ear,
"You knew that I was a defector."

There once was a RINO, DeWine
Who was totally lacking a spine;
He says with a grin
As he chuckles within,
"Let 'em whine for I know I'm divine."

Two renegades hailing from Maine
Who felt duty-bound to abstain;
With malice within
They stifled a grin,
Saying, "We can be vain as McCain!"

A conspiracy spawner named Warner
Was found to go pout in the corner;
When his vote was needed?
Despite how we pleaded,
As useless as little Jack Horner.

A scowling RINO named Hagel
Will always prefer to finagle;
His visage looks grim,
But we know that within
He wields the brains of a bagel.