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Yes, there is an enormous .body of scholarship underpinning Free Market and Libertarian ideas (as well as a lot of good, easy-to-read articles). 
"Live and let live"  isn't merely a casual attitude to adopt; you'll find it's now proven to beThe  basis for a successful, peaceful, long-lived civilization full of freedom and opportunities for all. Read some of these books.  And peruse the publications pages listed below.
(What we have here is just the tip of the iceberg"):
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(hint for the clueless): $5.4Trillion* didn't even make a dent  in the poverty rate...

Adam Smith Institute Bibliography and Publications

Publications of the American Enterprise Institute

Americans for Free Choice in Medicine

America's Historical Documents

"Ask the Economist" Services

Atlas Foundation's Highlights

Austrian Economics Journals

Ayn Rand Institute Op-Eds

David Boaz' "Primer"


Peter Boettke pages

Nathaniel Branden

James Buchanan Center

Buckeye Institute

Canada's PRRI

Capitalism FAQ Index

Cascade Commentaries

Cato's Daily Commentaries

Cato Journal Articles On Line

Cato's NEWS Analysis & Articles

A Topical Listing of Books at Cato

Center for Defense of Free Enterprise

The CIR - Center for Individual Rights

Center for Market Processes - Update

Center for Private Conservation Index

Center for Trade Policy Studies at Cato 

Centre for Independent Studies, Australia

Citizens for a Sound Economy's info index

CSE's News Releases and News Comments

IHS's Guide to Classical Liberal Scholarship's answers to tired political cliches

The Competitive Enterprise Institute Updates

Constitutional Thought, bibliography & history

"Cooler Heads" Coalition at

Introduction to ATR's  Cost of Government Day

Articles by and Courses Offered by Prof. Jim Cox

The Drug Policy Foundation Publications & Library

The Education Liberator Archives at the SSSA

Energy Probe Research Foundation's Publications

Environmental Challenges & Libertarian Solutions

Adam Ferguson Institute advocating a Civil Society

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights Publications

The Fraser Institute's Publications & Articles Pages

Fraser Institute & Favorite Links

The Future of Freedom Foundation's "Freedom Daily"

Fdn. for Economic Education's "The Freeman" articles

The Ludwig von Mises Institute's "The Free Market"

"The Free Radical World Wide Web Site"

David D. Friedman's "Libertarian Stuff"

Milton & Rose D. Friedman Foundation

Junk-Science Critic Michael Fumento

"All the Junk Science Fit to Debunk"

The Writings of Sean Gabb

That "Gap Between Rich & Poor"

The Goldwater Institute of Arizona

The Friedrich Hayek Scholars' Page

Heartland Institute's Publications

Hoover Institution Publications

Randall Holcombe's Book

Humane Studies Review

Independence Institute

Independent Institute

Independent Women's Forum

Institute of Economic Affairs

Institute for Health Freedom

Institute for Justice Publications

Institute of Public Affairs Publications

International Center for Pension Reform

International Policy Network Publications

International Society for Individual Liberty

ISIL's Intellectual Resources, News & Pamphlets

Irrationality that can keep you in excruciating agony

James M. Buchanan Center for Political Economy at GMU

The Jefferson School of Philosophy, Economics & Psychology

John Locke Foundation Publications Online with Carolina Journal

The Journal and publications at the Center for Libertarian Studies

Tucson Center for Socionomic Research Journal of Socionomics

Junk Science, "Public" Health and Tobacco Policy Resources

Independence Instiute's Links to the columns of Dave Kopel

Browse the entire Laissez Faire Books Catalog by category

A bibliography of limited-government Legal Scholarship

Home Page of Pierre Lemieux; "Articles in full-text"

Italy's Instituto Bruno Leoni: Index of Publications

Liberator Online Back Issues at the Advocates

Publications of the Libertarian Alliance

Index to "The Libertarian"

The Libertarian Enterprise

ALF (Libertarian Feminists) 

Many Libertarian FAQs

The Libertarian Library

LP News and "Talking Points"

Liberty Fund Catalog

Liberty Issues

A Liberty Library

OCR's Liberty On Line

Procyon's Liberty! On Line

LibertyTree Books & Catalog

Liberty Unbound Articles Online

More Archived Articles from Liberty

Library of Economics and Liberty

The Locke Institute Publications

Essays by Professor Tibor Machan

The Texts of Peter McWilliams' books

Mackinac Center for Public Policy Papers

The James Madison Institute and its Papers

Misc. Columnists, Essayists and Gadflies

"Moody Loner's Guide to Economics"

National Taxpayers Union Papers

The National Wilderness Institute

The New Australian  Magazine

The Objective American's Best

Pacific Research Institute

Palladium Press




P&F Fdn.


Rationale Archives

Reason Magazine Archives

REASON Magazine Table of Contents

SEARCH the Archives of REASON Magazine

Regulation, the Cato review of business & govt.

Sharon Presley's Resources for Independent Thinking

Revolution's "Ammo for Freedom Fighters"

Rights, "Rights vs. 'Rights'," more about Rights

the Right to Keep and Bear Arms FAQs

Publications of Dr. Mary J. Ruwart

Hans Sennholz's Articles & Essays

Julian Simon's Articles on Line

Mark Skousen's Publications

The Essays of L. Neil Smith

Society for Individual Liberty

The Idea Channel's Think Links

Thomas Sowell's Observations

The Lysander Spooner Page

Texas Public Policy Fdn.

Timbro's Publications

About Third Parties

Tucson C.S.R.

Ultimate List

U. S. Trust


Walter Williams

WPC Publications

Glenn Woiceshyn

"World Wide Wonk Site"

New Book Online:Saving Lives, Enriching Life: Freedom as a Right And a Moral Good

So you want to contact scholars who do the kind of thinking represented here? Check
ISIL's Guide to the Experts, the Virtual Phone Book at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, The Cato Institute's Board, Staff and Associates, more libertarian celebrities and the Professors of Liberty Home Page.

Also see FMN's Directory of Libertarian, Classical Liberal and Free-Market Web Sites
*A million seconds is less than 12 days; a billion seconds is over 31 years; a trillion seconds is more than 31,000 years, and 5.4 trillion seconds is over 167,000 years . how big is that U.S. national debt, again?*
See the Federal Debt Report HERE.
Oh, dear, are you still SOO very concerned about that "gap" between rich and poor?

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NRA Firearms Fact Book

Have you ever noticed how often government doesn't work?

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