"Why don't you just hit yourself in the face with a shovel?"

Plastic surgeons can perform reconstructive surgery leaving no permanent damage if you'd been smacked in the face with a shovel.  What they can't do is repair what you've done to your skin by applying most of the skin care and cosmetic products on the market, because most of them contain mineral oil, bees wax, borax, paraffin and other cheap filler ingredients which cause permanent, or near-permanent damage.  For over 100 years unhealthy, even dangerous substances have been sold for skin care on a veil of transparent fabrications, feeble rationalizations, omissions and outright lies. So if you want to look good today and look youthful tomorrow, beware of these:

MINERAL OIL -- What is it? Nothing more than filtered 10-weight motor oil, it's the most commonly-used base for skin care and cosmetics.* A heavy hydrocarbon derived from petroleum, it cannot be absorbed by the body. Said to "seal" the skin (as if that were a benefit!), it's actually "comedogenic" (it clogs pores, attracts dirt, and causes blackheads and eruptions). It constipates the skin's elimination process, hinders its healing, and hastens its aging. It hardens the outer keratin layer and repels water, making exfoliation difficult and real moisturization impossible. It may also choke sebum gland production, causing an ever-worsening dry skin condition in some areas. This sets up the vicious cycle where the user thinks more and more greasy oils are needed. Motor oil belongs in cars, not skin. 
*The manufacturers pay 97¢ a quart for this and have you pay as much as $540.00 a quart ! . 

PETROLATUM -- Axle Grease. This is another comedogenic filler that suffocates the skin and strangles its numerous functions, including controlling temperature. Skin needs to breathe, not fry. 

PARAFFIN -- Petroleum wax. Used in many creams and cosmetics, it is yet another non-absorbed skin-clogger that impedes health and accelerates aging. Wax belongs on floors, not skin. 

LANOLIN -- Wool Wax. Another widely used (it's cheap) ingredient that clogs pores and chokes skin (in humans). It may cause sensitivity reactions, or even the development of allergies.

BEE'S WAX -- Common in eye creams, cleansing creams, and cosmetics, it has the same smothering properties as other waxes and is very hard to remove without harsh solvents such as Isopropyl Alcohol. 

ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL -- Although a few alcohols are safe and mild, the isopropyl is one of the penetrating and poisonous ones often used in attempts to dissolve some of the "grayish waxy buildup" of petroleum in the skin. Anything harsh enough for that also dissolves the skin's natural moisturizers, destroys its pH balance, and leaves it vulnerable to infection. It often stimulates some sebum oil glands to overproduce, resulting in chronic oily skin in those areas, and setting up yet another vicious cycle where the user thinks more and more isopropyl or other harsh astringents are needed. 

BORAX -- (Sodium borate, Boric Acid) Often used as a preservative, this is another rapidly-absorbed, permeating poison. The AMA has warned about its extreme toxicity. 

FORMALDEHYDE -- Very common as a (non-listed!) surfactant preservative in shampoo and soap, it is also used in nail polishes and hardeners, hair and scalp treatments, and perfumes. Another permeating poison that accumulates in the body, this is a proven mutagen and dangerous carcinogen. 

BE A LABEL READER ... and check the contents of personal care and skin care products. The hundreds of manufacturers who use one or more of the above ingredients include the so-called "prestige" brands at the exclusive department stores.   So now you know "the emperor is naked!"

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