A Nation of Sheeple
by Peter Finn

America is fast becoming a nation of sheeple. 

I often ask the question: "At what point would you set put to kill an officer of the law or a government soldier?" 

99% of people I've posed the question to, on first blush, answer 'Never'. 

Then I drill down to the heart of the matter... 

What if the police are at your home to arrest your daughter for speaking out against a politician and now they'll take her to a prison where she will certainly be raped and murdered? 

What if the soldiers are rounding up certain of your neighbors to gas them? 

What would you do? 

Obey the lawful orders and, hopefully, be left alone? 

Or fight no matter what the consequences to yourself? 

Even with these consderations I hear meaningless blather like: 

"I'd call the police!" 

"It'd never happen!" 

"Violence only causes more violence!" 

And etc. 

The ironic thing about this is that the fewer people we have who will not flinch about plugging a cop or a soldier who violates their rights the more likely it becomes that we will have cops and soldiers violate our rights!!

The People are responsible for being the Fourth 'check and balance' upon the power of government. If we fail to restrain our political leaders by threat of mortal accountability then we are assured of political leaders who will act with impunity against us. 

It is the mere threat that maintains the balance that has stabilized our Republic since the civil war. Absent that threat there is no limit to what can be done "legally". 

The Holocaust was perfectly "legal."