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     On Dec. 4th, 1998, on CNN's "Talk Back Live!" hostess Bobbie Battista (waving a bunch of letter-sized papers) said, "I want to talk about a test that we gave to about 10 people in the audience before this show. It kinda goes back to that fax we had a few moments ago where the gentleman said that a lot of people, including himself, didn't know very much about the two parties, ... the Democrats and the Republicans.
          "There is this test on [a] website that you take, and it's called, "A Place for the Politically Homeless." -- these are the kinds of questions that'll be up there; you just answer them 'yes,' 'maybe' or 'no,' and you get scores: ... 'Military service should be voluntary ... etc., etc., etc.' ... 
          "And it was interesting to note ... we asked people to put names on these and to list what party they were or where politically they thought they stood. And after they took this test (chuckle) it was different for a lot of people! I don't think that a lot of people in this country really do know where they stand politically, in terms of party definition."
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