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FAQs About 
Social Security 
FAQs About 
Social Security 

WHY does Social Security need reform, anyway?
Now, about that bogus "Social Security research"
Reform is inevitable, because the Social Security system really is in crisis.

Your Social Security Quick-Calculator
Social Security S.O.S.
Paul Evans' Solution
The 6.2 Percent Solution
USA Today editorial: Privatize it NOW!
Program Solvency is impossible
"Social Security is simply a tax. Like all taxes, the money collected is spent immediately as general revenues to fund the federal government. The Social Security trust fund does not exist, and Social Security 'surpluses' are nothing more than an accounting ledger showing that contributions exceeded benefits paid for a given calendar year -- not that the excess was put aside. ... Allowing people to opt out of Social Security would force the federal government to admit it has been stealing money from Social Security for decades. ... No matter what politicians promise, Social Security reform will not change the fact that your money is taken from your paycheck and sent to Washington, where it will be spent." -- Rep. Ron Paul

edited by Michael D. Tanner

"A must-have compilation of the best work on Social Security reform." -- Larry Lindsay, former chairman, President's Council of Economic Advisors 

Gathering Forces for Historic Reform

At Least Ponzi Didnít Threaten Violence

FIRST of all, the "trust fund" is an ILLUSION.
There is NO "lock box."  Never has been.
Guess WHO says guess WHO is "in total denial" about the system?
WHO is hurt the most by the negative rate of return of the current system?
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security
Answers to Common Questions at
FAQs at the Personal Retirement Alliance
Why the System is Bankrupt -
and How We Can Replace It
The Galveston Retirement Fund story will make you mad.
Question: Which ones of the myriads of reform plans ACTUALLY PROTECT RETIREES and 
anyone who has contributed but is still working? 
( HINT: ABSOLUTELY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.  ALWAYS HAVE.  ALWAYS WILL. About the plans listed, this article says, "Each of these plans guarantees that current retirees will receive their full Social Security benefits.")
So you think you have a right to Social Security? 
Check out what the Supreme Court said in 1960!
Zogby poll shows Americans favor privatization
Perspectives on the European Pension Crises:
 Some Lessons for America
.When was Congress designated 
"The Most Senior-Friendly Congress in 40 Years"?
Is the current Social Security System IMMORAL?


Who's More Irresponsible?
Let me get this straight...
Calculate what YOU stand to gain 
by Social Security privatization 


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