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 "Miss Liberty's Film & TV Update" newsletters foretell of interesting video releases, reviews of interesting movies, and where to find TV showings of them, and of biographies of people such as Thomas Edison, Johnny Tremain, McDonald's founder Ray Kroc and other American heroes and achievers.  Past issues of MISS LIBERTY foretold of upcoming ABC-TV specials by John Stossel, news about the movie, Ayn Rand -- a Sense of Life, new reviews for the movie, The Passion of Ayn Rand, upcoming TV showings of 1776,  THX-1138,  Fahrenheit 451, Love Letters, Amistad, Castle, Harry's War and Tank. Also reviews of movie about the building of the STATUE OF LIBERTY, one about a corrupt IRS agent, and documentaries about Frederick Douglas, George Washington, the holocaust, and "The New Zealand Miracle" about "how this tiny country transformed from socialist basket-case to free-market powerhouse," available from the ISIL, International Society for Individual Liberty (email: If you've been subscribing to the newsletter, you've known when and where to find all the reviews, TV shows and more. BTW, check out THE F ZONE .

 also see: Libertarian Movies Forum and Movies of Interest to Objectivists.

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Surprising Facts About Talk Radio Audiences

     A  nationwide poll conducted in July and August, 1996 by Talk Daily surveyed 3,035 talk radio listeners. That poll breaks some stereotypes about who listens to talk radio -- and points out just how important this medium can be for libertarians. Typical audiences are 40% women and 60% men. Contrary to stereotypes, most are not affiliated with the Republican party, and fully 90% are registered to vote. They are also more educated than the general public, more likely to have college degrees and more likely to have a higher than average income. 

TALKERS Magazine has an ongoing seven- year study of the talk radio audience, "The Talk Radio Research Project." See the current resultshere

WNIS-AM shows its own demographics

Clearly this is a group that is ripe to encounter libertarian ideas. Our thanks to the talk radio hosts listed here who are making that happen! 

Other notes and mentions (some honorable, some, uh...):
  • Click HERE for older news references to John Stossel, Geraldo Rivera, Mary Matalin, Alan Colmes, Dr. Dean Edell, Walter Williams, Rush Limbaugh, Tony Snow, Michael Reagan, Barry Hanson, Howard Stern, Tom Leykis, Larry King, and more.

*Asterisks by the names of broadcasters indicates they have NOT proclaimed themselves "Libertarian," or even "libertarian" (so far as we know), but they HAVE been known to advocate more libertarian ideas than most and/or proclaim their support for libertarian candidates for elective office. 
Gun Control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, 
raped and strangled with her own panty hose, is somehow 
morally superior to a woman explaining to police how 
her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.
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