Libertarians on the Air! in New England

The hosts of the talk shows and other programs on the mushrooming list below are significant because: They're either self-proclaimed as "libertarian" or "Libertarian", or, if they're marked with an asterisk (*), they've simply been known to advocate more libertarian ideas than most and/or support libertarian candidates. Self-labelled or not, the hosts listed here demonstrate they can rise above the pack, see beyond short-sighted "conventional wisdom" and (even the funny ones) take reason -- and liberty -- very seriously.


  • Belle Haven / Greenwich: "LOWELL PONTE LIVE." "Where we turn sacred cows into hamburger for your dining and dancing pleasure."WGCH-AM 1490, Saturdays 6pm-8pm Eastern. 

  • Lowell Ponte is one of the most level-headed and highly-respected program hosts on the air, and "LOWELL PONTE LIVE" is the most mind-boggling and far-ranging show in radio. Lowell's years of work as Roving Science & Technology Editor for Reader's Digest Magazine helped establish him as "the world's most widely read investigative science reporter." He has worked as a think-tank futurist on classified research, a reporter in Washington, D.C., and a foreign correspondent in 32 countries. And he shares all of his experience with you. He not only knows and talks with the world's cutting edge scientists and thinkers, but he has a terrific knack for putting everything from space exploration to nutrition to political science and the value of liberty in terms understandable to everybody. His fast-growing station list is HERE. Visit the web page of his syndicator, Network 1 of Liberty Broadcasting network (formerly TalkAmerica), at show time.Read Lowell's column HERE. CALL-IN HERE: 1- 888-822-8255  (888-822-TALK).


    "Good Morning, Maine!" with JEFF WEINSTEIN can be heard on the 3 stations listed below 
    Saturdays 9am-11am Eastern 
    CALL-IN & Feedback: 207-846-4625
    Jeff Weinstein
    • Portland: WLOB-AM 1310 
    • Portland / Central Maine: WLOB-FM 96.3

    • Portland: WGME-TV 13's special "SAP" Audio Channel 
    Listen-in HERE: during live show times. ALSO: recordings of recent shows stream 24 hrs. a day the rest of the week. 

  • Portland: "The Drudge Report" with Matt Drudge, WGAN-AM 560, Sun 10pm-12midnight. Listen-in HERE: or: or: or:

  • "The Drudge Report" CALL-IN Line: 1-800-848-9222
  • Presque Isle: "Lowell Ponte Live", WEGP-AM 1390, Sat 6pm-9pm Eastern. 

  • Read Lowell's column HERE. CALL-IN HERE: 1- 888-822-8255  (888-822-TALK).
    Sanford: "Erskine Overnight" with professional entertainer and prestidigitator Erskine Payton, WPHX-AM 1220, Saturday Nights (early Sunday Mornings) Midnight-6am Eastern.  Listen-in HERE:


Ashland / Boston / Charlestown / Dedham:
WBPS-AM 890, M-F 5am-9am Eastern.
Listen-in HERE: 
Ashland / Boston / Charlestown / Dedham:
"THE Neal Boortz Show", with NEAL BOORTZ
America's Most Listened-To Libertarian Talk Show Host -- 
named Talk Radio "Personality of the Year"!,
WBPS-AM 890, Live! M-F 9am-1pm.
See the Boortz-on-the-web Page HERE
  • Boston: THE GENE BURNS PROGRAM, WMEX-AM 1060, M-F 1pm-4pm Eastern / 10am-1pm Pacific. 

  • LISTEN-IN: or:
  • ALSO HEAR "THE GENE BURNS SHOW", M-F 10pm-1am Eastern / 7-10pm Pacific, AND  "Dining Around" with Gene Burns, Sat 1pm-4pm Eastern / 10am-1pm Pacific, broadcast from KGO-AM in San Francisco. 

Concord:  Lowell Ponte "Lowell Ponte Live"
WBNW-AM 1120, Sat 6pm-9pm Eastern.
Read Lowell's column HERE.
CALL-IN HERE: 1- 888-822-8255  (888-822-TALK).


  • New London: "The Drudge Report

  • with Matt Drudge, WNTK-AM 1020, Sun 10pm-12midnight. 
    .Listen-in HERE: or:
    or: or:
    CALL-IN to Drudge: 1-800-848-9222
Matt Drudge ............



  • Brattleboro / Converseville / Rand / Woodmere: Hear Virginia Postrel on "The Hugh Hewitt Show", WGAW-AM 1340, Wednesdays 10pm-1am Eastern. Postrel is the author of the brilliant book, The Future and Its Enemies; she's editor-at-large of Reason.Magazine, and she's a prolific columnist and prodigious producer of essays and op-eds, some of which are catalogued here. Camille Paglia called her "one of the smartest women in America." Listen-in HERE Wednesdays 9am Eastern:

  • .
  • Burlington: "The Drudge Report" with Matt Drudge, WKDR-AM 1390, Sun 10pm-12midnight Eastern. Listen-in HERE: or: or: or:"The Drudge Report" CALL-IN Line: 1-800-848-9222 
  • Burlington: "LIBERTY IN VERMONT", A call-in talk show hosted by the Vermont Libertarian Party on Chittendon County's Public Access TV Station, Cable Channel 17, broadcast live on the 4th Thursday of the month; taped re-broadcasts are shown 6 times until the next live program.
  • Plainfield:  The "Alan LePage Show" WGDR-FM 91.1, Fridays 8:30am-11am 
  • "DAVID BRUDNOY SHOW" , WBZ-AM 1030 M-F 7pm-Midnight. Powerful 50kw CLEAR-CHANNEL Broadcast. Evening signal covers MUCH of eastern North America at night. (Winter shows may be abbreviated due to sports events.) 

  • .

*Asterisks by the names of broadcasters indicates they have NOT proclaimed themselves "Libertarian," or even "libertarian" (so far as we know), but they HAVE been known to advocate more libertarian ideas than most and/or proclaim their support for libertarian candidates for elective office.
If any of the above advocate ANY abrogation of ANY of the Bill Of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment, let me know, and I'll remove him immediately. "Anyone who thinks that government -- any government -- has the right to disarm its citizens is not a libertarian." -- David F. Nolan, Founder, Libertarian Party
**TWO Asterisks by the names of broadcasters indicates they HAVE proclaimed themselves "libertarian" although some other libertaians believe they really aren't.
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