Libertarians on the Air! Nationwide (Actually, worldwide in many cases)

The hosts of the talk shows and other programs on the mushrooming list below are significant because: They're either self-proclaimed as "libertarian" or "Libertarian", or, if they're marked with an asterisk (*), they've simply been known to advocate more libertarian ideas than most and/or support libertarian candidates. Self-labelled or not, the hosts listed here demonstrate they can rise above the pack, see beyond short-sighted "conventional wisdom" and (even the funny ones) take reason -- and liberty -- very seriously.

Penn & Teller's "BULLSHIT!" skewers "conventional 'wisdom' " weekly 
On SHOWTIME: The show's web page is HERE
Prestidigitators Penn & Teller explore the truth behind fears and myths 
of all kinds. Regularly scheduled 
THURSDAYS at 8:00pm and 8:30pm Eastern / sometimes 6:00pm too.
Find 19,000 search results for "Penn and Teller" HERE.
Reporter / Correspondent John Stossel* of ABC-TV's "20-20" Fridays 10pm-11pm Eastern. Stossel has inspired and/or created numerous valuable documentaries which demonstrate an impressive grasp of some of the most thorough free-market and libertarian scholarship.  Interviews with him are available here and here. Visit the John Stossel website HERE, the "Stossel in the Classroom" website HERE, and a catalog of his videotapes HERE.
John Stossel
  • Caution: even though comedian Bill Maher*, formerly of ABC-TV's "Politically Incorrect" has said, "...libertarians. I count myself among them..." his apparent unthinking trust of people in government shows he's definitely unclear about all that "libertarian" means. Besides, he has admitted he doesn't keep up with his reading, preferring instead to spend his time in bars and night clubs.  His swallowing whole and repeating verbatim all the latest p.c. statist-collectivist dogma and spin is ridiculous, if not infantile and pathetic. Proof that Maher is definitely NOT a libertarian may be found here.  Nonetheless, he should be congratulated for having had more real  libertarians (few as they may have been) on his show than anyone else in broadcast TV.
"This country is a one-party country. Half of that party is called Republican and half is called Democrat. It doesn't make any difference. All the really good ideas belong to the Libertarians."
-- Hugh Downs as a guest on Politically Incorrect  3/31/97 
  • "THE NEAL BOORTZ SHOW" Live: M-F 9am–1pm Eastern: Jones Starguide GE 8, Channel 1 Left and Satcom C5 Transponder 23 Channel 20 
  • "ReBoortz" BOORTZ' Re-feed: M-F 1pm-4pm Eastern: Jones Starguide GE 8, Channel 1 Left and Satcom C5 Transponder 23 Channel 26 
Rollye James
  • "The Rollye James Show"with Rollye James, M-F 10pm-1am Eastern: Satcom C5, Transponder 15, 17.1 wide audio, DATS (77.1 CEDAT) 
  • "The Rollye James Show"with Rollye James, M-F 10pm-1am Eastern: Satcom C1, Transponder 2, 7.5 wide audio, TVRO, wideband 
  • "The Rollye James Show"with Rollye James, M-F 10pm-1am Eastern: GE 3, Transponder 9, 5.41 wide audio, narrowband 
  • "The Rollye James Show"with Rollye James, M-F 10pm-1am Eastern: Galaxy 6, Transponder 3, 58.20 wide audio, SCPC,wideband
  • "The Derry Brownfield Show" M-F 7pm-8pm Satcom C-5 Transponder 15 10-1 7.5KHz Digital Dats AND Galaxy 6 Analog Transponder 3 Channel 63.3 Narrowband SCPC. 
  • "The Andrew Lewis Show" hosted by Andrew Lewis*, radio heir to Dr. Leonard Peikoff* of the Ayn Rand Institute, Sun 11am-1pm Pacific / 12noon-2pm Mountain / 1pm-3pm Central / 2pm-4pm Eastern. Call-in: 1-888-488-3108. SATCOM C5, Transponder 15; SATCOM C1, Transponder 14 
  • C-SPAN is broadcast over SATCOM C-3, Transponder 7 and DirecTV channel 271 
  • C-SPAN2 is broadcast over SATCOM C-4, Transponder 19 and DirecTV channel 272 
  • Scott Lieberman, alternate regional rep to the Libertarian National Committee, San Jose, California, call letters: W6CT 

  • .
from Toledo: 
WSPD-AM 1370
M-F 3pm-6pm Eastern
Listen-in HERE: 
with Mark Larsen,
WWBA-AM 1040 AND WLVU-AM 1470, 
M-F 5am-9am Eastern / 4am-8am Central /
3am-7am Mountain / 2am-6am Pacific.
Mark Larsen's
Hillsborough: 813-289-1040 /
Pinellas: 727-577-1040 / 
Toll Free: 1-877-355-1040
Paul and Eileen from Clearwater / Tampa: 
with PAUL MOLLOY and Eileen Heishman, 
WTAN-AM 1340, 1350 AND 1400
Tuesdays 9pm-10pm Eastern
Call-in: 1-866-826-1340. 
  • ...
from Austin: 
"The Jeff Ward Show
KLBJ-AM 590, M-F 3pm-6pm.
See the Aug.17th entry here.
James L.Hirsen
Chuck Morse Chuck Morse "The Chuck Morse Show" with 
"Boston's Radio Voice of Reason,"Chuck Morse,
AFN, M-F 8pm-10pm Eastern / 5pm-7pm Pacific. 
  • .
Nationwide: "The Drudge Report" with Matt Drudge
Sun 10pm-12midnight Eastern / 7pm-9pm Pacific.
Listen-in: or:
or: or:
CALL-IN: 1-800-848-9222
.... ......
  • "LOWELL PONTE LIVE" "Where we turn sacred cows into hamburger for your dining and dancing pleasure."   
Lowell Ponte is one of the most level-headed and highly-respected program hosts on the air, and "LOWELL PONTE LIVE" is the most mind-boggling and far-ranging show in radio. Lowell's years of work as Roving Science & Technology Editor for Reader's Digest Magazine helped establish him as "the world's most widely read investigative science reporter." He has worked as a think-tank futurist on classified research, a reporter in Washington, D.C., and a foreign correspondent in 32 countries. And he shares all of his experience with you. He not only knows and talks with the world's cutting edge scientists and thinkers, but he has a terrific knack for putting everything from space exploration to nutrition to political science and the value of liberty in terms understandable to everybody. Visit the web page of his syndicator, Network 1 ofLiberty Broadcasting network (formerly TalkAmerica), at show time. Calls are always welcome during live show hours at 1- 888-822-8255  (888-822-TALK).
Read Lowell's column HERE. LISTEN to Lowell's Show LIVESaturdays.6pm-9pm Eastern / 3pm-6pm Pacific and Sundays 9pm-12midnight Eastern / 6pm-9pm Pacific 
at the very top of the page HERE:
  • ..
from Houston: 
"The Rob McKinnon Show" with
Rob McKinnon, specializing in film and literature, on The ITEN Network
Current and archived shows are available any time on demand HERE
. .
Erskine Payton "Erskine Overnight" with professional entertainer and prestidigitator Erskine Payton, KFNN-AM 1510, Saturday Nights (early Sunday Mornings) 9pm-3am Pacific, 10pm-4am Mountain, 11pm-5am Central, Midnight-6am Eastern.  Listen-in HERE:
  • Citizens of America's radio ads are all herefor you to listen to at your convenience -- outstanding r2k&ba commercials
  • Many portions of the 1998 Libertarian Party National Convention were aired by C-SPAN July 3rd, 4th & 5th.   Now you can hear the speeches given at the convention by Peter McWilliams, Harry Browne and Michael Cloud (as well as the C-SPAN interview of Ron Crickenberger, and the Lowell Ponte interview of The Cato Institute's David Boaz) on line HERE, and TAPES are now available HERE.
  • Not necessarily libertarian, but inspiring nonetheless: "Success Stories of the American Dream," "Presenting the stories behind the most successful entrepreneurs in the world," a different one every week.
CLEAR-CHANNEL RADIO: (Taken together, the "Killer B's," Barber, Bell & Boortz,  plus Matt Drudge and Rollye James, cover most of the continental U.S.) 

  • COLORADO (Denver): "AFTER MIDNIGHT with RICK BARBER", KOA-AM 850 (Powerful 50KW clear-channel station broadcast over a huge non-directional antenna atop the Rockies) M-F 12Midnight-5am Mountain (1am-6am Central, 11pm-4am Pacific) -- HEARD THROUGHOUT THE WEST AND MIDWEST!! LISTEN-IN HERE: 

    Denver: "The Drudge Report" with Matt Drudge, KOA-AM 850, Sun 8pm-10pm Mountain. Listen-in: or: or:DRUDGE CALL-IN NO.: 1-800-848-9222

    GEORGIA (Atlanta and ALL OVER): "ReBoortz, The Morning's Neal Boortz Show Rebroadcast." WSB-AM 750, M-F 11pm-1:30am Eastern (10pm-12:30am Central). HIGH-Powered 50KW/CLEAR CHANNEL station heard in the 38 Eastern-most States!!
    COLORADO (Grand Junction): "The Neal Boortz Show," KNZZ-AM 1100, M-F 7pm-9pm Mountain. KNZZ-AM 1100 is a 50,000 watt Clear-Channel Station heard from Montana to New Mexico
    Rollye JamesPENNSYLVANIA (Philadelphia): 
    "The Rollye James Show", with Rollye James
    WPHT-AM 1210,
    M-F 10pm-1am Eastern (except during Phillies games and post-game shows) 
    50KW Clear Channel !!

    *Asterisks by the names of broadcasters indicates they have NOT proclaimed themselves "Libertarian," or even "libertarian" (so far as we know), but they HAVE been known to advocate more libertarian ideas than most and/or proclaim their support for libertarian candidates for elective office.

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