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3 surprising reasons why impeachment could be good for America

WASHINGTON, DC -- Impeaching a president is serious business -- but booting Bill Clinton out of office could be good for the country, the Libertarian Party said today.

"No matter what you think about the allegations against President Clinton, impeachment isn't all doom-and-gloom," said Ron Crickenberger, the party's national director. "Even if it turns out to be a nasty, drawn-out process, an impeachment hearing could help protect your liberty, give you a more honest perspective on politicians, and result in more political variety."

As the U.S. House Judiciary Committee contemplates launching a formal impeachment hearing against Clinton based on Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr's sex-and-cigars-and-perjury report -- and the beleaguered president prepares a scorched earth defense -- Libertarians are finding reasons to be cheerful about the coming political brawl.

Specifically, said Crickenberger, there are at least three surprising ways that Americans could benefit from impeachment:

1) A lengthy, fierce, partisan impeachment battle will cause paralysis in Washington, DC -- which should make us all breathe a sigh of relief.

"The only good Congress is a paralyzed Congress," said Crickenberger. "When Republicans and Democrats are busy investigating each other, they're not busy raising taxes, censoring the Internet, spending our money to bail out foreign nations, regulating business, or violating the Bill of Rights.

"Remember: Gridlocked politicians are less dangerous politicians," he said. "The longer impeachment gridlock goes on, the longer ordinary Americans will be safe from Republicans and Democrats."

2) As more sordid details emerge from an impeachment hearing, voters' respect for politicians -- and their government programs -- will continue to plummet.

"If the Clinton sex scandal has demonstrated anything, it's that politicians can't even run their own lives properly. Why in the world should we give them the power to run ours?" asked Crickenberger.

"As an impeachment process drags on, and politicians hurl more mud at each other, the little faith we have left in government will trickle away. Voters will realize that they can't trust pathetic, flawed, self-destructive, hypocritical politicians -- whose lust for power is apparently matched only by their lust for vice, deceit, and personal gratification."

3) Impeachment hearings will showcase the need for a new political party.

"How much more crime and corruption will Americans tolerate from Republicans and Democrats?" asked Crickenberger. "Those two parties have book-ended the last 25 years with the two great scandals of this generation: Watergate and Fornigate. And sprinkled between were more mini-scandals than you could shake a subpoena at -- from Iran/Contragate, to Whitewatergate, to Gary Hart's Monkey Business, to the savings and loan bail-out.

"Impeachment hearings will demonstrate once again that Democrats and Republicans share not only a love for big government, but also an eagerness to wallow in subterfuge and corruption. In fact, the only thing they fundamentally disagree about is Bill Clinton's sex life," he said.

"At some point, Americans will realize that enough is enough, and that it's time to consider a genuine alternative -- the Libertarian Party."

While the Libertarian Party has taken no position on the president's sex scandal or whether he should be impeached on the basis of the Starr Report, the party has called for impeachment "based solely on the violations of the Constitution that have been perpetrated by President Clinton during the time he has been in office," noted Crickenberger.

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