by illigitimis publius 727

We necrophiliacs of libdom stalk the land,
Your life liberty and property will not stand,
Whatís ours is ours,whatís yours is ours,
We will champion the common man,
Question not our purpose or motives,
for the end justifies the means,
We will determine what is justice for all,
And smite you capitalist Philistines,
Youíve had your day, you reactionary heathen,
It is now the time that we got even,
You neo fascists of homophobic bent,
Will be dragged kicking and screaming into our diversity tent,
Pavlov is our friend, he did his job well,
Your children are ours, going straight to hell,
We will feed them sh~t and tell them itís candy,
This brave new world will be a socialist dandy,
Surrender now and join the collective,
For in the future we may be quite selective,
Oppose us no longer for we are determined,
To rid the world of you right wing vermin,
Try as you might, just out of spite,
to hold off these mounting waves,
The dungbat left with fingers deft,
has already dug your graves.