YOUR VOTE: Do you want it to be just a drop in the bucket, or do you want it to shake the world?

[T]he United States of America, the greatest nation ever to exist on the face of the earth, is now barreling unchecked toward the constantly- encroaching micromanaging dictatorship of bureaucrats and technocrats because its leaders, academicians and journalists alike are still married to the myth of the two-party system.

A vote for a principled, knowledgeable third-party candidate can have a vastly greater earth-shaking, statement-making, dialog-shifting impact than any drop-in-the-bucket vote for a deMOBlican would. Don't you, as a voter, want your vote to be important?

If you feel frustrated about how you've been taken for granted or even betrayed by your past presidential picks, would you be willing to consider the possibility you don't know (or are afraid to acknowledge) the dirty little secret of the "two-party system"?

You would? Okay, here it is: Republican and Democratic politicians are no more than actors and lawyers who only pose as adversaries. They all are, or quickly become, friends and co-conspirators who privately snicker about how they use (and help) each other to stay in the news, to stay in power, to stay in the money. Still not sure? Then stand back 30 years and really look at the forest, not the trees:

Why do you think it was that only Nixon could go to China? Why do you think it was that only Nixon could get away with taking us off the gold standard and imposing totalitarian wage and price controls? Why do you think it is that only someone like Jerry Ford could get away with blaming the private sector for inflation? That only Carter could get away with launching deregulation? That only Reagan could get away with putting the brakes on deregulation and then spending every penny he was authorized to? That Bush (just like every other deMOBlican) could be allowed to stab the taxpayers in the back, even though his was the best-publicized of the tax cut or "no new taxes" promises? That only Clinton could be allowed to begin the limiting of the welfare system and the national debt? That only Republicans like Dole, Dole, Bush, Bush, and Bush could (and would) ensure their survival?

Are you starting to get the picture? Are you starting to wake up and smell the coffee? If you are, ask yourself this: "Do I want to get suckered into all the hype and scare tactics? Am I willing to be used again as a tool (and a fool)? Am I going to continue to expect professional politicians to make any clear promises, and then to actually remember, let alone deliver on, them? Or do I want to be the kind of voter the politicians fear the most: a voter who knows a professional politician can be trusted only to act like a professional politician -- and be trusted only to be UNtrustworthy? A voter who not only wants power OUT of the politicians' hands and back into his, but a voter who finally knows the score?"


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