Okay, then.  Here's another smart-aleck response to that stupid "Don't waste your vote" phrase:

"Since I would never waste my time just to
add my never- decisive vote to the totals of
one of your evil candidates, whether lesser,
greater, or whatever, What if I told you
that I have given myself only two options:

-- I join the majority of Americans
in not voting at all
-- or I go ahead and really enjoy myself
by adding my vote to the totals for the
third-party candidate of my choice?
And stand up for what I REALLY think?
   Huh?  What do you say to THAT?

"Well, I guess you're right;
staying home would be the "wasting-
my-vote" choice for me. Thank you for
your advice. May you learn to start
thinking long-term for a change; I'll
know I'll enjoy hearing from you then."

and check out: "Is THIS Your campaign button?"

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