Don't Sweat the Differences

[J]erry Hughes on the United Broadcasting Network also seems close to endorsing my candidacy. But he wants to talk about esoterica; just how far do I want to go eventually in eliminating government and how we will live without laws against various acts.

I ask, 'Do you want to return the federal government to its Constitutional limits?'

He says, 'Of course.'

I say, 'Then you want to reduce the federal government to about a tenth of its present size. That means that if Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, or Ross Perot is elected, government will be at least ten times too big for you. If I'm elected, government might turn out to be 5% too big or too small for your taste. So, obviously, there's no contest: only Harry Browne comes close to what you want.'

"We have to make people see that the differences they have with us are trivial compared to the monumental differences they have with the other parties. People agree with us on the most important issues in this campaign -- reducing the federal government to a fraction of its present size, repealing the income tax, getting the government's hands off Social Security, and restoring Constitutional government. The only areas in which they might agree with other candidates are trivial matters that won't make a significant improvement in their lives."

- Harry Browne, "On the Campaign Trail"