The new millennium has finally started (on Jan. 1st, 2001).

The millennium didn't start until 2001. 
Here's why:
The first 10 numbers ends with 10, the second 10 numbers starts with 11, 
the first 100 numbers ends with 100, the second 100 numbers starts with 101, 
the first 1000 numbers ends with 1000, the second 1000 numbers starts with 1001, 
the second 1000 numbers ends with 2000,. So the third 1000 numbers starts with what? 

Also see: The U.S. Navy's Millenium Clock

Besides, you already know 2000 was the last year of the century. You'd been 
(correctly) calling it the 20th, and not the 19th Century all along, now, hadn't you? 
Furthermore, you don't start counting anythingwith zero, now, do you?
(If there are 10 illiterates in a row, you don't conclude there are only 9 by insisting that 
you count like this: "zero - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine," 
now, do you???) Whatever, have a Happy New Year anyway!

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