Things have actually been going a bit better in Iraq these days.  Fewer American soldiers are dying and the Iraqis are slowly taking on more power and responsibilities.  This presents a quandary for the media.  You see, as part of their Bush-bashing template, they need to continue to push the war in Iraq as an un-winnable failure.  The Democrats are counting on failure in Iraq to carry them to victory this fall.

That's right...the Democrats are actually invested in American failure in Iraq.  They need more American troop deaths to put them over the top at the polls in November.  They're counting on it.  Only there's one small problem...the good news is picking up in Iraq.  There isn't as much failure to go around these days.  Uh-oh.  We can't have this.  Good news in Iraq is bad news for Democrats.

Enter the mainstream media.  Just as always, they're coming to the rescue...eager to put their propaganda template in action and portray the Iraq war in a negative light.  Among their recent tactics:  start playing up civilian deaths and keep pushing this notion of a civil war.  They also do everything they can to suppress good news coming out of Iraq. 

For example, [on Sept. 19, 2006] CNN aired an interview with Iraqi President Jalal Talibani.  It was a positive interview, with Talibani grateful to the United States and George W. Bush for liberating his country.  In addition, he was upbeat about putting down the insurgency and running things in his home country.

Where is this interview today?  Nowhere.  Is it making news?  Is it a national news story?  Nope.  Had Talibani criticized George W. Bush or the United States, it would be plastered all over the media.  But just as always, any news that is deemed favorable to the Bush Administration is ignored, while any negative coverage is played up. 

For instance, today we hear that some Iraqis have died because they've been tortured by rival militias.  That's George Bush's fault, you know...and it never happens anywhere else in the world except Iraq. 

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