Larry Elder
Larry Elder:
When Liberals 
Play the Race Card
Star Parker:
The Democrats'
Brand of Racism
Dr. Walter E. Williams
Walter Williams:
Attacking Condi
Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin: 
Liberal Racism
and Condi Rice
Thomas Sowell:
Green Bigots 
Why Condi's Nomination Angered the Left
Larry Elder: The Race Card 2005
Keith Burgess-Jackson: Liberal Bigotry
The New York Times' vicious liberal pitcow Maureen Dowd disparages Clarence Thomas in expressly prejudiced terms HERE.
Do you know the differences between racism and bigotry and prejudice?
"It is ironic that a Republican President has an Administration that is more inclusive and more diverse than a so-called liberal-media-elite network [NPR]. -- Tavis Smiley
Don't let Democrats get away with race-baiting
Al Franken: Racist

Face it, collectivists can't help themselves. They start out with "groupism" every time they try to "think" about anything.

"Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism." -- Ayn Rand



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