Kneejerk Objection No. 7:
"But with no regulations I'm afraid that would mean there'd be fraud,  swindles,  pollutions and poisons all over the place!"

Answer to No. 7:
WHO THE HELL SAID "NO REGULATIONS"?????? Huh?All we're saying is no GOVERNMENT (read: POLITICAL) regulations.

The most successful regulatory agency in history is Underwriters Laboratories, and it's a private organization, run by liability insurors. And unlike government agencies, it's proven totally independent, unbribable, and unswayable by the politics of the moment. And extremely effective (appliance shocks and fires have been cut by perhaps 1000%!).

Besides, fraud, murder, polluting and poisoning are already illegal and covered by criminal and civil codes. What the government regulations do is waste time and enormous amounts of money, keep excellent medicines and other products off the market, make sure only the wealthiest or most credit-worthy can afford to even go into business in the first place, help the very largest corporations to eliminate or buy out their upstart competition, give criminals and polluters more time to circumvent the law and to postpone lawsuits, and give politicians and bureaucrats the ability to posture pompously, don cloaks of ersatz sainthood, and point out with false pride that they're "doing something" when questioned by media types and other abysmally ignorant or indiscriminate people.

All we're saying is: get the government out of the regulation business. There's hardly ever been a government regulatory agency which lasted more than 4 years untouched by the biggest crooks, the dirtiest politicians or the most fascist (bribing) of giant corporations. Besides, it's immoral to tax anyone to pay for his own persecution by hateful bureaucrats, competitors and politicans. AND it's unconstitutional:

AMENDMENT X to the Constitution of the United States: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."


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