Kneejerk Objection No. 4:
"But that (the consistent application of the principles of liberty) IS being totally uncaring about...(choose) the children, the elderly, the poor, the destitute, the sick, the homeless, the hapless, the hopeless, etc. etc. etc. ... ?"
Answer to No. 4: 
So you're bragging to all the world that you flunked Logic 101, huh? You just made or implied SO MANY LOGICAL FALLACIES IN ONE SENTENCE that I can't even enumerate them all, but let's give it a shot:

1. jumping to conclusions
2. undistributed middle
3. non sequitor
4. ad hominem
5. false choice

...and probably more, but we've made our point, haven't we? Now, assuming you're properly chastened and apologetic, and no longer a prejudiced bigot, please turn to #3.

The National Association of Thinkers Sick and Tired 
of Knee-Jerk Motormouth Objections to Liberty 
When There's No Reference to, or even 
Awareness of, the Vast Scholarship 
of Liberty At All

the Vast Scholarship
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