The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible
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by Ken Schoolland
Small Business Hawaii, 2001, paperback

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Twice honored by the Freedoms Foundation!

Charming satirical stories to help children understand freedom 

This appealing children's book proved so popular that it has been translated into Dutch, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian and Serbian. It has been praised by friends of freedom across the United States and Europe. 

In the book, Jonathan Gullible, a boy old enough to sail a small boat on his own, is swept by a storm to a strange island. He has 39 adventures discovering a bizarre world where people have abandoned personal responsibility, and politicians scramble to control a crooked government whose bureaucrats tell everyone what to do. 

It's a world of Food Police, a Dream Machine, Master Politician, Bureau of Idea Control, Immorals Department, a Bazaar of Governments, Pavilion of Special Interests and a Democracy Gang, among other attractions. With a sly sense of humor recalling witty satires of the great Frederic Bastiat, Schoolland exposes the idiocy of protectionism, inflation, welfare, rent control, occupational licensing, taxes and other forms of government intervention. 

For example, a young woman explained zoning to Jonathan: "The Council draws lines on a map of the town. People are allowed to sleep on one side of the line at night, but they must work on the other side during the day... usually work buildings are located across town from sleep buildings so that everyone needs to travel a long way every morning and evening." 

Karl Hess, author of Capitalism for Kids, declared this to be "a fine book for promoting free market ideas for young people." 

118 pages