PLEASE copy and paste this into your email
window and send it to EVERYone: 

IF POLLSTERS CALL, tell them you support
Gary Johnson for President. 

WHY? That way you can help him get into the debates!

If you say you support Trump or Hillary, it will NOT help them get into the debates (they're already in), but it WILL hurt Gary's chances. 

The debates suck without him!  You've seen that. 

He'd be the ONLY one who brings up BOTH personal freedom AND economic freedom and NOT engage in name-calling or character assassination.

THIS SHORT VIDEO shows these two 2-TERM GOVERNORS as being among THE MOST EFFECTIVE PROSPERITY-MAKERS in American history: 
You in?

And HERE are 15 reasons why a vote for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld 
is the most meaningful vote you can make.

 You can always change your mind later.

Even if you don't know if you'd vote for them you
can sign the petition to let them debate HERE

Hilarious VIDEO:  Successful 3rd-party candidate ABE LINCOLN blasts Hillary and Trump HERE. Priceless! 

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