Speaking at the high school in Concord, New Hampshire, Vice President Albert Gore boasted about his publicizing the dangers of toxic waste in Congress 20 years before. "I looked around the country [for toxic waste-contaminated sites]. I found a little place in upstate New York called Love Canal," he said, referring to the Niagara homes evacuated in August 1978 because of chemical contamination. "I had the first hearing on that issue ... I was the one that started it all," he added. —(Washington Post, Dec. 1, 1999)   Gore`s claims about Love Canal — and his avoiding the fact that his hearings were held a couple of months after President Carter had already "found" the neighborhood and had already declared it a disaster area — were reminiscent of Gore's many other attempts to puff up the facts about his importance to, and impact on, events. Could these be signs of insincerity or insecurity? Of contempt for the truth or contempt for the public? Or all these things? (Also see this reference, this reference and this reference.) 

“[Bradley proposes] the expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit. I was the author of that proposal. I wrote that, so I say, welcome aboard. That is something for which I have been the principal proponent for a long time.” (Al Gore, Time, 11/1/99) Actually, Gore was not yet in congress when the EITC was originally passed in 1975. Gore did not become a member of Congress until 1977. Gore did not write the EITC Act of 1975. (Buffalo News, 12/13/99; U.S. News & World Report, 12/20/99) 

“And I was shot at. . . . I spent most of my time in the field.” (Al Gore, The Washington Post, 2/3/88) ... I carried an M-16 . . . I pulled my turn on the perimeter at night and walked through the elephant grass, and I was fired upon.” (Al Gore, Los Angeles Times, 10/15/99) Actually, Gore had bodyguards assigned to keep him out of harm’s way in Vietnam. “In Vietnam, Alan Leo, a photographer in the press brigade office where Gore worked as a reporter, said he was summoned by Brig. Gen. K.B. Cooper, the 20th Engineer Brigade’s Commander, who asked Leo, the most experienced member of the press unit, to make sure that nothing happened to Gore. ‘He requested that “Gore not get into situations that were dangerous,’” said Leo, who did what he could to carry out Cooper’s directive. He described his half-dozen or so trips into the field with Gore as situations where ‘I could have worn a tuxedo.’” (Newsweek, 12/6/99) 

On nationwide TV (CNN) on March 9, 1999, Albert Gore told Wolf Blitzer: "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the internet." (fact: the Defense Department commissioned the ARPANET in 1969 when Gore was 21 years old, 8 years before his first run for congress. See this 3/11/99 article in Wired.) 

In an attempt to improve his technological image, Vice-President Al Gore unveiled the world's fastest computer at a White House event On 10/28/98. However, during a campaign trip to a Pittsburgh valve factory, the Vice-President smiled and admitted that he has "trouble turning on a computer-let alone using one." (source: "Gore Touts Job-Training Programs at Pittsburgh Factory" Associated Press September 4, 1998

On March 19, 1998 Gore called The Washington Post's executive editor to tip him off about an ''error'' on the front page of his paper. ''I decided I just had to call because you've printed a picture of the Earth upside-down," Gore said. (See this reference

When asked on ABC's Nightline about President Clinton's withdrawal of Lani Guinier's nomination to the EEOC, Gore said, "The theories - the ideas she expressed about equality of results within legislative bodies and with - by outcome, by decisions made by legislative bodies, ideas related to proportional voting as a general remedy, not in particular cases where the circumstances make that a feasible idea... " 

"You can leave [my children] out of this..." said Gore during a televised debate at Harlem's Apollo Theater on February 21st, 2000.  He was responding to the charge that he sends his child to a private school, but he doesn't want parents of lesser means to be able to do the same. (See this reference

During a tour of the museum at Monticello, just before the 1992 inauguration, with news reporters present, Al Gore, pointing to the busts of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, asked, "Who are these people????" (New York Times, January 17, 1993

"A zebra does not change its spots." - Al Gore, attacking President George Bush in 1992.
— source: The 700 Stupidest Things Ever Said by Ross and Kathryn Petras. 

And three years later, at a press conference: "We all know the leopard can’t change his stripes." (The Toronto Sun, 11/19/95) 

"We can build a collective civic space large enough for all our separate identities, that we can be e pluribus unumout of one, many." — From a Milwaukee speech to the Institute of World Affairs, January 1994 ( "e pluribus unum" is Latin for "out of many, one"). 

Over Father's Day weekend in 1998, Al Gore addressed a symposium in the nation's capital on 'fatherhood'. While addressing the group, Al Gore tried quoting an old proverb by saying, "It's a wise father who knows his child". Of course, the real proverb goes, 'It's a wise child who knows its father'. 

Find "Milosevic has barely begun to incur the damage he will feel." (Huh??? Neither has the American electorate, apparently.) and another quintessential AlGorism or two at THIS source

"He supported the Voting Rights Act in 1965 and lost his next re-election. But his conscience won and he taught me that was more important than any election." Albert Gore, Jr. trying to establish his father's commitment to the civil rights movement as a senator in a speech to the Progressive National Baptist Convention in August 1999. (Reality check: Sen. Albert Gore, Sr., lost his re-election in 1970 to Rep. Bill Brock, a Republican from Chattanooga who had voted for the Voting Rights Act in 1965 as a member of the House. The vice president doesn't mention this inconvenient fact because he would like us to think his father was some sort of civil rights martyr. In fact the elder Sen. Gore opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act -- a decision he continued to defend even after he left office.) 

"Incredibly, while these 18 to 20 year-olds cannot legally buy a beer, cannot purchase a bottle of wine and cannot order a drink in a bar, right now they can walk into any gun shop, any pawn shop, any gun show, anywhere in America and buy a handgun." Al Gore, in a speech before the U.S. Conference of Mayors in New Orleans, June 14, 1999. either haplessly ignorant of, or deliberately ignoring, the Gun Control Act of 1968, which made it illegal to sell a handgun to anyone under the age of 21, and several additional laws which make it illegal for anyone under 18 to even possess a handgun.  Also see Who is Al Gore Kidding?

"Tobacco addiction sinks its claws in deeply, it's just as powerful of [sic] an addiction as heroin or crack cocaine..." Al Gore, ex-tobacco farmer and ex-smoker(!), in West Seattle, WA, 12/16/97 West Seattle Herald, 12/24/97

Mr. Gore says he's committed to "eliminating the internal combustion engine" in Earth in the Balance. 

"The Pacific Yew can be cut down and processed to produce a potent chemical, taxol [Gore must absolutely love that name!], which offers some promise of curing certain forms of lung, breast and ovarian cancer in patients who would otherwise quickly die. It seems an easy choice -- sacrifice the tree for a human life until one learns that three trees must be destroyed for each patient treated." Gore, in Earth in the Balance 

"[DDT] can be environmentally dangerous in tiny amounts." Gore, in Earth in the Balance, with absolutely no scientific studies referenced. Fact: The use of DDT has resulted in the saving of millions of (human) lives from malaria. It must be all those dead mosquitoes Mr. Gore weeps for. The real facts are HERE. And see THIS indictment of the inhumanitarian cluelessness of the wealthy enviro-chic.
Gore, about the menace of global warming: "there is no longer any significant disagreement within the scientific community" (Oh, really? See: THIS, this (scroll down), this and this) ( If you have the stomach, you can take the Gore / Unabomber Quiz HERE. ) "...Vice President Al Gore, at his 51st birthday bash this year ... claimed that the planet, particularly his native-or-adopted Tennessee, had heated up [remarkably during his lifetime]." — Washington Times, 9-7-99 (Oh, yeah? 
See THIS chart!)

Click the map to see the web video "Al Gore: An Inconvenient Story" focusing on Al Gore's Big, Fat Carbon Footprint 
"Mr. Environment," Al Gore, wasted 4 billion gallons of reservoir water because the Connecticut River was only 6 to 8 inches deep at the time, too shallow to float his canoe for a campaign photo-op.  So he had it pumped in at the rate of 180,000 gallons per second.  “To me, these [environmental concerns] are more than public policy issues, they are moral issues,” said Gore during the photo "opportunity" on July 22, '99.  Does he think declaring it a "moral" crusade gives him a blank check to advocate taking draconian, unconstitutional action?  Or was he just trying to boisterously divert attention from the extreme hypocrisy his campaign staff was displaying at that moment -- having the Secret Service do their dirty work and ask that 4 billion gallons of precious water be wasted during an exceptionally dry year?  Or both?  Obviously, a lot of effort was expended just to squeeze out a staged "news" photo good enough to hopefully warm the cockles of gullible voters' hearts. See the reference here.

During an ABC-TV special on April 11, 1998, Gore told Peter Jennings that the reason he is obsessed with global warming is because he took a college course from Professor Roger Revelle, who, in Gore's words, "was the very first person in the world to start analyzing this problem." Actually, the geological and meteorological communities have long been aware that the problem was originally analyzed in the 19th century by Svante Arrhenius, whose famous calculations showed that the planet should warm 5 degrees centigrade if the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere doubled. (See this reference.)

On ABC News' Nightline program Feb. 24, 1994, Gore called global-warming skeptics Dr. Patrick Michaels and Dr. Fred Singer "anti-environmentalists" and urged host Ted Koppel to trash such opponents of his draconian environmental proposals, not on the basis of their careful, even cautious, research, but simply because they were able to secure funding from companies Gore's proposals might cripple. Of course, no one tried to trash Gore's environmentalist allies because they were funded by companies and government agencies the proposals might benefit or by other special interests or fanatical business-haters. (See this reference.) Gore's attitude help set an example for the more extreme environmentalists to emphasize ad-hominem, rather than scientific, arguments. 

"I’m happy to have them name it after me," said Gore about the "Gore Tax" which he had encouraged to be imposed on phone bills by dictatorial executive department fiat in a completely unconstitutional, congress-avoiding totalitarian-style maneuver. The quote was reported by the Associated Press, 7/11/99 

In a debate with Vice Presidential contender Jack Kemp on Oct. 9, 1996, Albert Gore said, "We are stronger and more secure today because of Bill Clinton's handling of foreign policy." (despite the massively accelerated provision of supercomputers, weaponry and sophisticated missile guidance systems to the Red Chinese, even though some of it began on a smaller scale under the preceding Bush Administration, and despite the secret Executive Orders in which Clinton placed the American armed forces under U.N. Command without Congressional approval.) -- Detroit News, Oct. 10, 1996. 

"What happened as a result does a great disservice to a man I believe will be regarded in the history books as one of our greatest presidents." Albert Gore on the South Lawn of the White House, 12/19/98, referring to Bill Clinton 

On nationwide TV (MSNBC) on Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2000, Al Gore said, "It didn't happen," referring to the assault his campaign workers made on Purple Heart and Medal-of-Honor Winner Sen. Bob Kerrey (angrily throwing mud on him and calling him a 'cripple') in New Hampshire the previous weekend. (See this source)

Furtive Gore in Buddhist temple

Okay, so which way is it ???

New York Times headline, Sept. 5, 1997: "Nuns Say Temple Event With Gore Was Not a Fundraiser
Washington Post headline, same day
"Nuns Tell of Panic About Fundraiser: Documents Destroyed or Altered to Conceal Temple's Role with DNC"

Al Gore, when asked about his illegal fundraising activities wherein he and John Huang helped take in more than $130,000 for the Democratic Party at the Hsi Lai Buddhist temple (where videotape footage shows he was greeted by dozens of Buddhist monks with shaved heads and orange sashes or robes) in Hacienda Heights in southern California on 4/29/96

"I didn't realize I was in a Buddhist temple."

Then, as details of the event started to come out in October, Gore claimed: "Number one, we have strictly abided by all of the campaign finance laws, strictly. There’ve been no violations." (Al Gore on NBC’s "Meet the Press," 10/13/96) 

Well, Janet Reno's Justice Department, concentrating on the smallest fry involved (just to show they really are "doing their job"), claims to have prosecuted 21 people and one corporation to date. And so far, as Bill Bradley pointed out, 70 people have taken the fifth, 17 people have fled the country and 13 people have been convicted. "No violations," indeed.

In response to accusations that the fundraising phone calls he made from the White House violated federal law, Mr. Gore said they were both "legal and appropriate." (Manchester Union-Leader 9-6-97) But then a few days later he promised "not to make such calls again." (Washington Post 9-9-97) Now, documents released at the beginning of December 1999 show the FBI had notes written by aide Davis Strauss in which contrary to his firm denials the vice president is recorded as having asked at a White House meeting, "Is it possible to do a reallocation for me to take more of the events and the calls?" And according to another note, "Count me in on the calls." this after the FBI questioned Gore and recorded his saying he "could not recall" details of that meeting 23 separate times. (New York Post, 2-15-2000)

"Amid a flurry of questions about fund-raising calls he made from the White House during the last presidential election, the vice president held a hastily arranged news conference [in 1997] at the White House. He insisted there was 'no controlling legal authority' preventing his actions." -- Glen Johnson, Associated Press, April 5, 2000. Apparently Mr. Gore doesn't know there IS a "controlling legal authority" for federal laws. It's called the "Department of Justice."

Some brief references to Albert, Hillary, crooks and other scumbags may be found here.Lately Al Gore has come out in favor of so-called "campaign finance reform" (!)  This is like famous bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde or Willie Sutton coming out in favor of restricting bank deposits in order to show they "really, really are" concerned about bank safety:

"Gore noted that he had backed a sweeping campaign finance bill sponsored by Senators John McCain, Republican of Arizona, and Russell D. Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin. ‘Unlike Senator Bradley, I was a co-sponsor of it,’ Gore said, '" (The New York Times, 11/24/99)

"Gore not only did not, but could not have cosponsored McCain-Feingold. Russ Feingold was not elected until 1992. Al Gore quit the Senate in 1992 to become Vice President. Feingold and Gore never served together." (Bill Bradley for President Press Release, 12/7/99) 

Transcript of Deposition of Albert Gore Taken April 18, 2000 by the Department of Justice Campaign Financing Task Force:
Question: Did you have any understanding, or do you have any understanding, that there was a price tag associated with the [White House] coffees?
Gore: No, I do not and did not.
Question: With respect to raising the $108 million, did you have discussions with anybody concerning the role coffees would play in raising that type of money?
Gore: Well, let me define the term "raising," if I could,because if you mean by it, would they be events at which money was raised, the answer is no. But it is, it was then and has for a long time been common practice to have meetings with people who are interested in various subjects, spend time with them, cultivate the relationship, show them the respect that the time signifies, and then, on the basis of the relationship that is built up then and in other ways, ask them to support the DNC [Democratic National Committee]...
The above transcript section was read verbatim by Chris Matthews on his Hardball TV Program on 6-26-2000, and without skipping a beat, he added: "In other words, warm 'em up -- and hit 'em for money," as only Matthews could know so well after having served as Administrative Assistant to Democratic Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill, arguably the most powerful speaker of the last century (Washington's dirty little secret: the vast majority of all "first" campaign contributions from a particular source are initiated by the politicians, not by the donors). Thereupon his guest, Vanity Fair editor and The Nation columnist Christopher Hitchens said, "It's enough to make a cat laugh, isn't it?  Lanny Davis -- remember him? --  was asked after they discovered the videos of those coffee mornings, and where money is openly being solicited..." See THIS reference.
Columnist / Science Writer / Talk Show Host Lowell Ponte slams Gore along with other liberals HERE
For your further amusement, visit: "Goretopia! Envisioning a post-present future for the generations that will follow the children of our parent's generation" and other spoofs...

and check out EARTH AND THE UNBALANCED "Environmental Policy as if PEOPLE Mattered"

...and since there are so many real Al Gore quotes, why would anyone bother making up a bunch of fake ones? Well, it would be typical of the Clinton White House team to do it so that later on, they can try to discredit ALL the Al Gore quote collections as being part of an alleged "conspiracy," including the real ones. More than one casual reader has been fooled by such well-oiled White House "spin machine" maneuvers this way. So go ahead and check out the "THESE ARE NOT GORE QUOTES" page here -- and remember to SCROLL DOWN !

"He who refuses to do arithmetic is doomed to talk nonsense." — John McCarthy
"Under the higher law, under the great law of morality and righteousness, he is precisely as guilty if, instead of lying in a court, he lies in a newspaper or on the stump; and in all probability, the evil effects of his conduct are infinitely more widespread and more pernicious." -- Theodore Roosevelt 
"No man is justified in doing evil on the ground of expediency." -- Theodore Roosevelt 
"The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic." — H. L. Mencken 
It's not just that particular politicians are stupid, crazy, sneaky, overtly crooked or um, shall we say, ah, "less than honest." I submit that MANY politicians are are stupid, crazy, sneaky, overtly crooked or "less than honest." That's why we were supposed to have a limited government in the first place: so such people neither had any favors to sell nor any other damage to do. "Give a good person great powers, and jerks grab his job."* 

"You've got to be able to count on a man's word, and if you can't, forget it. ... I've had experience with the other kind as well, and that's the worst thing there is. A liar in public life is a lot more dangerous than a full, paid up Communist, and I don't care who he is." -- Harry S. Truman 

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of "public servants" whose character is dubious at best. Once somebody is proven to be a habitual truth-stretcher, what position of "authority" would any sensible person ever trust him in? And what could he ever say that any sensible person would ever trust him about from then on? Take your time... Hint: everyone would wonder, "Is this another lie?" everysingle time he opens his mouth. HERE are a bunch of quick insights about moral character.



*paraphrased from this page

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