YES!  YOU Should be able to MAKE SURE
YOUR VOTE was tabulated PRECISELY as Cast. 

Introducing the foolproof Triple-CheckTM System of  of voting and vote counting to keep even the most corrupt poll workers and election officials honest

EVERY voter should be able to go online, enter his or her unique secret serial number or password, and see that all of his or her votes were counted properly and that the races or issues they chose NOT to vote on were left blank.  ANYONE should be able to see ALL the votes cast and add them up.

   Why kill a fly with an expensive, complicated, trouble- prone, high-maintenance M-16 automatic rifle when a fly swatter will do? 

   Well, that's the kind of arrogance-of-overkill the touch-screen and other computerized voting systems being installed in voting districts around the country amount to.  Absolutely NONE of them are immune from error, data loss, hacking or sabotage.

   However, there IS one way to make a MUCH more fool-proof voting system, and guess what?  Yep, it uses PAPER ballots -- only this time IN CARBONLESS TRIPLICATE, as in "NCR paper."  The third, or last, page may be on paper heavy enough to go through an optical scanner; it's up to the state or local election officials.  I call it "The Triple-Check System," but since someone else's patent may have covered it, it may be better to call it simply the "TRIPLICATE SYSTEM OF PAPER BALLOTS".  Here's how it works:

     Each voter is given a paper ballot with a RANDOM serial number on it, the same number on each of the 3 pages.  No one but the voter knows what his number is.  He votes.  He makes sure his votes appear properly on the last page.  He deposits it in the ballot box and another copy in a separate LOCKED "CPA's box," and he keeps one for HIS OWN RECORDS.

     The CPA's box must be locked immediately upon the end of voting in case a box of "previously uncounted ballots" magically appears in the trunk of someone's car -- to see if they match up with anything in the CPA's box at all.

     The one in the "CPA's box" is for the kind of recount that either proves the voter spoiled his ballot himself or else validates the fact that he took care to vote properly.  It guards against groups of voters demanding recounts after altering, or attempting to alter, THEIR copies in order to change the results.  Further, it acts as a double-check to invalidate any pollworker chicanery, including deliberate "over voting" to invalidate a ballot, voting in races or issues the voter had actually chosen to leave blank, or other tampering which unscrupulous poll workers may have perpetrated -- even ESTABLISHING whether tampering has happened in the first place.  When the polls close, the box is taken away immediately by someone the state and local election authorities can unanimously agree upon as being a disinterested, untouchable third party, maybe even a CPA firm.

     Secondly, EVERY ballot, listed only by serial number, and how its votes were recorded, can be double-checked on the internet or local newspaper by the voter himself, enabling him to register a complaint, enabling his vote to be re-tallied, if necessary.  Then it can be checked against the copy in the "CPA's box," and an inquiry into irregularities can be instigated, if necessary.  This should also INCREASE VOTER TURNOUT over time as many voters will get a feeling of satisfaction, maybe even a thrill, out of seeing how THEIR PARTICULAR VOTE is tallied, and especially, out of being reassured THAT it is tallied at all.  Thirdly, ALL of the vote tallies, identified only by serial number, should be readable by ANYBODY, including partisans, journalists and public interest organizations, to make sure that all the totals are correct.

    Once the voters and poll workers realize the "CPA's copy" can prove that the voter and/or the poll workers added marks to their respective ballot copies after voting hours, and that they can't get away with after-the-fact ballot altering or tampering any longer, it should essentially disappear as a worry as well as a problem.

     Does ballot-tampering occur?  Hey, I grew up in Chicago, a town famous for not only its windbag politicians and still-voting dead people, but for being the home of the crooked pollworkers' "pencil lead-in-the-fingernail technique."  What do YOU think????

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