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The LP Platform


Anti-Idiotarian Manifesto

Harry Browne A-Z

What's a Libertarian?

Who is a Libertarian?

Who Libertarians Are

WHO is a Libertarian?

Are You a Libertarian?

What Are Libertarians?

What  is libertarianism?

What IS  Libertarianism?

What Do Libertarians See?

The Roots of Libertarianism

Libertarianism for Dummies

What's the libertarian View?


What Do Libertarians Want?

What's the Libertarian Party?

Key Concepts of Libertarianism

What a Libertarian Is --- and Is Not

Libertarianism is based on principles

Understanding Libertarian Philosophy

Gen-Xer Stephanie Jayne Sailor's FAQ's

Q & A with Jim Powell of LibertyStory.com

Eric S. Raymond's "The Libertarianism FAQ"

World's Shortest (3 questions!) Libertarian FAQ

World's Smallest Political Quiz -- FAQs & history

Myths About Libertarianism & Individualism Refuted

How much scholarship is there in libertarianism?

Frequently Asked Questions About the Libertarian Party

WHY do libertarians feel so very strongly about freedom ?

Libertarianism: THE Way to Peace, Prosperity and Freedom

Questions Most Frequently Asked About Libertarianism in N. Z.

A Party of Tolerance, Responsibility, Honesty and Peaceful Persuasion

Yet Another Libertarian FAQ at Glen Raphael's "Liberals & Libertarians"

Frequently Asked Questions and/or Mythconceptions About the Libertarian Party

"We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose."  -- Statement of principles, Libertarian Party of the United States
"The Libertarian Party represents a more moderate approach to politics, combining the best of both conservative and liberal philosophies." -- James Dan 
“Libertarianism is the moderate position between the extremes of compulsion and prohibition.” -- Marshall Fritz
"Freedom is the goal, responsibility is the price and tolerance is the hallmark of all of our activities." -- John Wayne Smith
"Anyone who thinks that government -- any government -- has the right to disarrm its citizens is not a libertarian." 
-- David F. Nolan, Founder, Libertarian Party of the United States
American "Liberals"

A Non-Statist FAQ: Critiques of Critiques of Libertarianism by Mark LaRochelle

The Libertarian Party of Delaware Answers Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's about, plus a history of, The World's Smallest Political Quiz

Sources for Information about Libertarianism at The Advocates

But, aren't there too many irresponsible people in the world?

Free-Market.net's Directory of FAQs and Intros.

What About That "GAP between rich and poor?"

What about the robber barons, the depression, etc.?

Beware the Liberal-Corporate Complex!

Libertarian Party's FAQ: Basic Information

Libertarian Party Philosophy and Positions

FAQs on Free-Market Environmentalism

Libertarian-Environmentalist Realities

FMN's Environmental FAQ Directory

Statement of Principles, LP-Oregon

Libertarian Resources' FAQs

Libertarianism in One Lesson

Johan Norberg's Qs & As

Economic Sophisms

Capitalism Qs & As

Capitalism FAQ


ISIL Pamphlets

The Ideas of Liberty

Toward Peace & Freedom

The Libertarian Issues Index

What is the Libertarian Party ?

Where the LP Stands on the Issues

Where Liberals and Libertarians Agree

For a New Liberty  by Murray N. Rothbard

Libertarian International Organization's FAQs

What it Means to be a Libertarian by Charles Murray

FAQs at the Library of Economics and Liberty

What's the derivation of "libertarian", as well as "liberal"?

"Most magnificent collection of libertarian writings ever published"

A Catalog of some of the best explorations and presentations of libertarianism

Another catalog of some of the best introductions to and explanations of libertarianism

"No politico-economic system in history has ever proved its value so eloquently or has benefited mankind so greatly as capitalism -- and none has ever been attaked so savagely, viciously, and blindly.  The flood of misinformation, misrepresentation, distortion, and outright falsehood about capitalism is such that the young people of today have no idea (and virtually no way of discovering any idea) of its actual nature. . .'' -- Ayn Rand, from the Introduction to Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal 

Why "Conventional Wisdom" and everything the establishment press feeds you about 3rd Parties is Dead Wrong

An Important Set of Definitions of Terms Crucial to an Understanding of Libertarianism 
Common Questions & More FAQs at the Separation of School & State Alliance 
Do Libertarians view human beings as being basically good or basically evil?
How dismantling the welfare state would improve your quality of life 
The American Liberty Foundation (under construction)
Frequently asked questions on the sustainability of progress 
What's the Libertarian Position on Health Care Reform?
Eight Steps Towards Libertarianism by Joseph S. Fulda 
Hard Questions on Freedom at Liberty Round Table 
The non-aggression principle: the crucial glue
The Moral Foundations of Modern Libertarianism

Persuasion vs. Force  by Dr. Mark Skousen
Frequently Asked Questions about Objectivism
FAQs about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
"Top Ten Deckchairs on the Federal Titanic"
Historical and Current Documents of Liberty
FAQ's and Q&A's at Free Market Medicine
Common Knee-Jerk Objections to Liberty 
FAQ's About Social Security Privatization
FAQ's RE: California's Electricity Crisis
The libertarian and anarchist differences
Reason Public Policy Institute's FAQs
 Remember the Nature of Government 
Centralized vs. Multiple Economies 
Answers to 83 "Cliches of Politics" 
Q&A about The Structure of Liberty
FAQ's about Laissez-Faire Books
Hope for the Politically Homeless 
Miss Liberty's Movie Guide FAQ
Liberty: the ONLY Path to Peace 
An American Libertarian Vision 
A Libertarian Issues Index
"Ask the Economist" Q&A's_
FAQ's About Overpopulation 
The Coming Libertarian Age 
The Free State Project FAQs
banscrewdrivers.com's FAQs
FAQs at the Castle Coalition
FAQ's About Biotechnology
Papers at Libertarian World
Murray, Browne, or Boaz? 
Boaz on the 9 Key Themes 
So What About Medicare? 
The Libertarian Difference
FAQs about the Death Tax
Myths About Libertarians 
Libertarians on the Issues 
The "Liberty Manifesto" 
Liberty's Spiritual Basis 
WHAT Is A Libertarian?
WHO Is A Libertarian? 
Who's a Libertarian? 
Are You Libertarian? 
Beyond  Government_
 Aggression is Wrong 
A "Non-Statist FAQ"
Bill B's Issues Index 
 Briefings for Liberty 
A Liberty Primer 
FAQs at Boon-Ja-Ba
FAQs  at C.M.D.M.S. 
 Dave Barry's FAQs 
Neal Boortz' FAQs

Objectivism Q&A
Ayn Rand FAQs
The WSJ's view
Ask Mr. Lizard
Libertasia FAQ
Re: 3rd Parties
Liberty in 3D 
DJM2's faqs
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Why is personal responsibility the key to reclaiming liberty?

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FAQ's at NLCN! ?? 
Q: David asks: "Is it true that Drew is a former Marine? I have been told this by some friends but haven't been able to find any actual confirmation. Thanks. Go, Browns!"

A: Yes, Drew was in the Marines. In fact, in his book, Dirty Jokes and Beer: Stories of the Unrefined, he calls the Marine Corps a great influence in his life.      "The things I learned in the Marine Corps have stayed with me to this day," Carey writes. "I hate being late, I'm very organized, and I'm not afraid to take responsibility for my own actions, just to name a few. And, you could scream at me at the top of your lungs and call me all the names you want. It wouldn't even faze me."
                                                  -- from Drew Carey's FAQs (no longer on the web)

more libertarian celebrities 

FAQ's about Waco: The Rules of Engagement

"Anyone who thinks that government -- any government -- has the right to disarm its citizens is not a libertarian." -- David F. Nolan, Founder, Libertarian Party
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