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"There's no need to choose between enriching the environment and enriching people. Enrich BOTH."
"Earthcare is too important to be used as just another excuse for control freaks to impose authoritarianism."
Now, If we treated global warming as a technical problem instead of a moral outrage, we could cool the world.
Now! Back in Print: THE great Free Market Environmentalism by Terry Anderson & Donald Leal
N E W S   &   C O M M E N T S
"Global Warming has become a euphemism for a political agenda. It has become a religion run by fanatics reminiscent of the leaders of the darkest days of the Inquisition that nearly destroyed civil society only a few hundred years ago. We are not to question the great god of Global Warming. Those who do are separated from civil society and labeled as heretics. ... In 1998, The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM) issued a petition for signature by atmospheric scientists saying there is no scientific evidence indicating that greenhouse gases cause global warming. That petition was signed by more than 17,000 scientists and leaders involved in the issue. ... The money is in global warming because itís being pushed by a political agenda that wants power. Power in Washington. Power on the international stage. Power over economic development. Power over international monetary decisions. Power over energy. In short, power over the motor of the world. Itís driven by literally thousands of large and small non-governmental organizations (NGOs) sanctioned by the United Nations, and implemented by a horde of bureaucrats, university academics and an ignorant but pliable news media. ... Taxpayers have now provided $20 billion into the scientific community for global warming work." -- Tom DeWeese

So there!

The earth has spent most of its time in ICE AGES.  Are YOU smart enough to see WHERE WE ARE NOW on this LONG term chart?

PROOF of NATURAL 1,500-year Climate Cycle
"ULTIMATE Environmentalism"
Test your "EQ IQ" HERE.
The Electricity Mess
An Environmental Economics professor is accused of stealing manure.  Insert your own joke here.
Neanderthal Science
Environmentalists as Murderers
Death by Environmentalism
Reject Environmentalism,  Not DDT
Bjorn Lomborg is vindicated
Lomborg: Ignore Global Warming
Simon Vindicated,  Ehrlich Discredited
Global Crises, Global Solutions by Bjorn Lomborg (Editor)
A Michael Crichton lecture at Cal Tech     A Michael Crichton speeech about environmentalism
The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World by Bjorn Lomborg
See how runaway environmentalism played a part in the Hurricane Katrina disaster HERE,  in both the Columbia tragedy and the 2005 Space Shuttle Discovery problem HERE, in the World Trade Center disaster HERE, in the northeast blackout HERE, in the California blackouts HERE, and in the California wildfires (and resulting mudslides) HERE.
Environmental Challenges, Pro-Human Solutions
Obstinate glaciers refuse to cooperate with climate-change theorists
Antarctic Ice Core Data Shows Carbon Dioxide Concentrations are NOTHING NEW
Disaster Flick Day After Tomorrow:  LOTS of hot air, bad science
See: "This technique has enabled scientists to accurately measure temperatures in the Atlantic and northern Europe going back thousands of years and the results make nonsense of the global warming scare. ... The sea temperature calculations prove that between 600AD and 1100AD temperatures were about 2įF higher than they are now. During this period, northern Europe experienced a golden age for agriculture. Greenland, now a frozen wasteland, was then a habitable Viking colony and there were vineyards in the south of England." HERE. How did Greenland get its name anyway? Do you think it was just one more ironic joke by those humorous, sophisticated Vikings?  Hmm?
Also See: The Middle Ages Were Warmer Than Now
Solar and Cosmic Radiation Proven to Cause 150 million-year  Warming/Cooling Cycle
"The single most powerful lobby in Washington, D.C., is the green lobby, and environmentalists are much more hostile to the energy needs of our economy than are even the most anti-American Middle Easterners." -- William L. Anderson, HERE
Arsenic Insanity      Find More Environmental News HERE
"LIGHT" Rail means HEAVY Taxes (& if you build it, they WON'T come)
To move 1 person 1 mile it costs $0.06 for freeways, $2.75 for light-rail.
See: "It's enough to make one ponder exactly how expensive light rail would have to be before local governments consider other alternatives." HERE
A U.S. A.I.D. Administrator accuses environmentalists of callousness toward starving humans HERE.
See: "Now environmentalists are in a panic that African nations will use DDT to save millions of lives."HERE
See how "the fires have exposed is just how extreme even today's 'mainstream' environmental activists have become" HERE.
See how runaway environmentalism played a part in both the WTC and Columbia tragedies HERE, in the northeast blackout HERE, in the California blackouts HERE in the California wildfires (and resulting mudslides) HERE, ... and how "California [has been], in fact, a perfect petri dish of Democratic policies." HERE
Find out which Federal and State biologists resort to massive deception HERE
More greens caught red-handed HERE.
Find out where the dollars Really are in Logging Old-Growth Forests HERE
See: "Clearly, much of the population around the world simply doesn't care for urban life. That's a point that infuriates urban planners who think that everybody should share their vision ..." HERE.
The REAL Environmental Crisis
See: "Fed up with pansy peace march efforts, Rosebraugh is urging radicals to ditch 'pointless' protests and wage outright acts of terror 'using any means necessary'." HERE
Why, despite their protests, the Sierra Club and Earth Liberation Front are morally equal
PETA 'Just As Guilty' As Terrorists
Check out the PETA exposť commercial HERE
"You're only holding that position because somebody's paying you to do so (and I can't imagine anyone holding such a position for any other reason)!"

Guess what? Antarctica's getting colder, not warmer.  In THIS report, scientists say ice sheets are growing.
A team of scientists calls global warming projections everything from "completely unrealistic" to "fairy tales" HERE.
See "Unfortunately for the doomsayers, their central predictions are simply not coming true."HERE.
An eminent astrophysicist talks about The Kyoto Protocol and Global Warming HERE.
Model Behavior? Catch up on how the EPA Promotes False Climate Scares HERE.
See "Climate Treaty Valiantly Holding on In Its Struggle to Remain Dead" HERE.
John Daly's "Lukewarm View of Global Warming"
Tech Central Station has numerous articles on the "Kyoto protocal"
"Nature is a mass murderer." -- Gregg Easterbrook
See why Enron and Bush did NOT see eye-to-eye on energy policy, despite all the "protection money" Enron paid HERE.
"The single most powerful lobby in Washington, D.C., is the green lobby, and environmentalists are much more hostile to the energy needs of our economy than are even the most anti-American Middle Easterners." -- William L. Anderson, HERE

Defusing the Population Bomb
Some Environmental Groups Offer Cash For Conservation

 More on private stewardship -- and how public stewards can turn out to be total jerks you can't get rid of
 State Regulators & "New Environmentalism"
Innovative Environmental Compliance
.Silencing Science: How to keep the scientific method from making a laughing stock out of your political agenda 
Conventional Stupidity and Fashionable Nonsense

 The politicization of science

"The Hoodwinking of a Nation"
  Establish Scientific Facts by Polling?????,

CFACT: Committee for a Constructive TomorrowOverpopulation.com
Environment Myths & Facts 1998
Environment Myths & Facts 1999
Environment Myths & Facts 2000

Revealed: The nation's worst environmental villain ...with a sordid history of leaking radioactive waste into drinking water, dumping sewage into national parks, spewing jet fuel into the ocean, pouring PCBs into rivers, etc., etc., etc. ... 

Executive Department embarks on another blatant fraud

Environmental Embarrassments and Regulatory Outrages

Now, About That Electricity Mess in California...

The Courts slap the EPA on the wrist for unscientific science, and Congress, for unconstitutionally delegating powers.
National Research Council Gives EPA's Research a failing grade
Why the EPA Needs Adult Supervision

 Some thoughts on impasse-busting and An actual prescription for it

When "sprawl" statistics are meaningless
Why "sprawl" makes control freaks panic
The Campaign Against Urban Sprawl: Declaring War on the American Dream
an index of "sprawl" analyses
also: Busting the Sprawl-Busters

GREENS are showing their TRUE colors

In his Earth Day article, Jonathan Adler, author of The Costs of Kyoto, makes the point that private stewardhsip  truly delivers on environmental protection. And in his, Patrick Michaels shows how apparently any facts at all will do to "feel certainty" about global warming. (Also see: "Challenging the Ecohype"


"The Kyoto Protocol will result in no demonstrable climate change but easily demonstrable economic damage.
-- Michigan's response to it

 It's Devolution Time  and:

  Four Scientists Formerly Known as Global Warming Theorists say: Well, now.... Waaaaaait a minute...

On balance, global warming would be BENEFICIAL

Myths manufactured to show that native peoples are "green"  are busted HERE and HERE.

Upcoming conferences, seminars, workshops or other events


In memoriumDR. JULIAN L. SIMON, author of The Ultimate Resource and U. R. 2

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Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment Publications Archive

Free Market Environmentalism at Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy

Political Economy Research Center's free-market environmentalism pages

Environmental Gore:A Constructive Response to Earth in the Balance

Environmental Concerns Articles at Free-Market.net's Brief Content

U. of London Professor Philip Stott's "Anti-Ecohype Website 2000"

The Effects of Proposals for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

Environmental Studies Program at Reason Public Policy Institute

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Don't Recycle -- Throw It Away!

Our Misplaced Faith In Recycling

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Environmentalism's Malaria Holocaust

When Environmentalism is Anti-Human

Indoctrinating your kids with Eco-Fascism

Modern Environmentalism's Immoral Basis

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Junk Science, Manipulated Data and Scaremongering

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Greenhouse Warming: Fact, Hypothesis, or Myth? -D.L.Dewey

Through Green-Colored Glasses: Environmentalism Reconsidered

Environmental protection through private property and private action

No Turning Back: Dismantling the Fantasies of Environmental Thinking

Polluting Our Principles: Environmental Prosecutions and the Bill of Rights

Good intentions don't absolve you of evil if you advocate fascism of any kind

Establishing Professional Control Freaks' Power Over Other Peoples' Property

Good results are produced by using economic incentives to manage solid waste

Environment, Energy, and Science: Environmental Regulation and Property Rights

The "dirty little secrets" behind how the EPA justified its latest "clean air" power grab

Experts, Consultants and Speakers on Free-Market Environmentalism and Conservation

Environmental Myths of 1999   ... ...   Science Debunks 1998 Global Warming Hysteria
        ...... Here's More...       ... ... about 1997's temperatures
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But Is It True?


Alliance for America

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Order Junk Science, the video

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type environment into this search window

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Trick or Treaty: An Energy Tax in Disguise

search for "environment" in the Cato website

Dixie Lee Ray on Trashing the Planet (Video)

Stewards of Family Farms, Ranches & Forests

search results: "environment" in the Reason archives

Videotapes Available at the Idea Channel's "Library of Ideas"

A Demonstration of One of the Demagogues' Favorite Ways to Incite Hysteria

The ominous parallels between the political wing of the enviro-socialists and Hitler's Nazis


"News stories about the Unabomber and Timothy McVeigh broke almost simultaneously in 1995. McVeigh was hardly a philosopher (in fact he barely seemed literate) but the media did its best to expose the evil philosophy that drove him to murder. In contrast, the Unabomber presented himself as a philosopher and offered the world a massive eco-manifesto. 
Why didn't the media use this as a chance to expose the evil philosophy of radical environmentalism?"
-- GMU Economics Professor Bryan Caplan
No, unfortunately, Ted Kaczynski is only one of many murderous environmentalists
He's just not one of the more common type who try to hide their murderous agendas.
"...America's news media and largest periodicals don't have it [that tiny grain of knowledge]. They work by the T&P (trust and parrot) method. They may differ in whom to trust and parrot; but they share a common inability to evaluate. They will find two opposing viewpoints and manufacture a 'controversy;' for they think objectivity lies halfway between the truth and a lie (or worse, between two lies)." -- introduction to the Access to Energy Newsletter

If it were true that a heavy concentration of industry is destructive to human life, one would find life expectancy declining in the more advanced countries. But it has been rising steadily. Here are the figures on life expectancy in the United States: 

1900 - 47.3 years 
1920 - 53 years 
1940 - 60 years 
1968 - 70.2 years (the latest figures compiled [as of January 1971]) 

"Anyone over 30 years of age today, give a silent 'Thank you' to the nearest, grimiest, sootiest smokestacks you can find." -- Ayn Rand, "The Anti-Industrial Revolution," an essay included in the book, Return of the Primitive: the Anti-Industrial Revolution

  Check out the surprising results of some eye-opening book polls HERE.

"Clinton realized that America could not economically afford the Protocol Gore negotiated. The Clinton-Gore Energy Department found Kyoto would lead to $400 billion a year in lost output. ... Gore tries to throw Enron on the back of the current administration. But it was Enron Board Chairman Kenneth Lay who sold Clinton-Gore on Kyoto's cap and trade system. Gore, Clinton, and Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin met with Lay on Aug. 7, 1997 to go over goals and procedures for the Kyoto session. ... The corporate smoking memo here was not that from an ExxonMobil adviser to oppose Dr. Watson, but the Enron internal memo saying Kyoto 'would do more to promote Enron's business than almost any other regulatory initiative'." -- Ken Adelman HERE.
"Being a politician means never having to say you're sorry.  You don't have to say, 'I never should have voted to subsidize that ridiculous Enron project in India.'  ... After all, they're greedy businessmen and you're a selfless public servant."-- Harry Browne
"It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions  in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." -- Thomas Sowell
Enron, of course, is exactly the kind of corporation which could not exist in pure capitalism.  As a creature, in effect, of politicians, it was deliberately converted from a small pipeline company into an international conglomerate by conniving scoundrels who designed it from the beginning to use the power of their politician-friends to give it government contracts, subsidies, monopoly powers, and favorable regulations to force prospective customers to do business with them, essentially at gunpoint.  Obviously, this is fascism, not capitalism.
Now! Back in Print: THE great Free Market Environmentalism by Terry Anderson & Donald Leal
See "Rewarding Private Conservation" HERE.
Do you know  PrivateConservation.orgThe Center for Free Market Environmentalism ?

NewEnvironmentalism.org ?
A Tale of Two Countries    
Yes, There Really IS Urban Warming
Markets are proving key to saving endangered species
How market forces help foster environmental progress
What's your Environmental I.Q.?  Take the quick test HERE
Find Some Recent Opinion, Commentary and Book Reviews on the economics of waste HERE,
on  How Non-Green Cities Are Rebuilding the American Forests HERE, and on Private Conservation HERE.
How political stability and, especially, Property Rights are important to saving the elephants HERE
One program serves as a concentrated example of all that's wrong with federal environmental policy HERE
And THIS state program serves as a concentrated example of  political environmental policy. 

I wish that some way could be found to add up all the staggering costs imposed on millions of ordinary people, just so a relative handful of self-righteous environmental cultists can go around feeling puffed up with themselves. -- Dr. Thomas Sowell
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