Here's an example of a typical major-party campaign committee internal memo:
Dig up as much dirt as possible on opposition candidates.  It doesn't matter how old or how true it is, as long as you can present it with "testimony" and "facts".  IT WORKS!  If you can't find anything solid, then by all means use anything based on hearsay.  Find disgruntled ex-wives, ex-husbands, ex-girlfriends or boyfriends, ex-employees, colleagues, teammates, competitors, etc.  Many of them will gladly exaggerate, or even invent, a horror story just to get even.  Failing all that, MAKE SOMETHING UP!  Have them indicted for something, ANYTHING!  MAKE SOMETHING UP!  Most Americans are too ignorant to know an indictment means nothing!  They even think it means they're guilty!  And when the politicians protest, insist they're just covering their tracks!  Most voters are completely clueless about the issues anyway, and will only go to the polls to vote AGAINST somebody they heard something nasty about, being all too willing to believe it.  They even think the network news is unbiased, and it NEVER occurs to them it might have a partisan agenda!

(So if YOU feel motivated to vote against somebody based upon what could easily be trumped-up charges INSTEAD OF THEIR REAL POSITIONS ON REAL ISSUES, then DON'T.
DO some serious homework on the people and issues instead, and NOT all from the same kind of sources.)

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