A million seconds is less than 12 days; a billion seconds is over 31 years.  So IS IT WORTH GETTING HYSTERICAL OVER 50 parts arsenic per BILLION parts water??????????????????  That's like 50 seconds spread out evenly over 31 goddamn years, dammit!

There are trace amounts of arsenic in EVERYTHING YOU EAT and drink -- always has been; always will be.  Even at 50 parts per billion, you'd have to drink one thousand gallons of water to get the same amount of arsenic that eating just one
lobster tail will give you.

Toxicologists have told us for years: Poisoning is in the DOSE, NOT in the chemical.   Some advanced nutritionists are even looking into the likelihood that trace amounts of  arsenic and cyanide are ESSENTIAL for life.

Now WHY do you think Billy Jeff Clinton had the EPA issue that dictatorial Arsenic order on JAN. 18th, 2001, LONG after WHO was going to be the next president had finally been decided? 
Or do you actually believe the spin solidly embedded in the CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, Washington Boast, NYCrimes, Newspeak, U-Snooze and Slime magazines?

See the ambiguous "HEI Report", the "Ten Second Response" and "Poisonous POLITICS" instead.

Update:  See the video, "Lies, Myths and Stupidity" HERE. (Was the title of this page an inspiration for you, John Stossel?)

"He who refuses to do arithmetic is doomed to talk nonsense." -- John McCarthy

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