excerpts from
Ayn Rand: The Playboy Interview
conducted by Alvin Toffler
a candid conversation with the 
fountainhead of "objectivism"


PLAYBOY:  What about other public needs?  Do you consider the post office, for example, a legitimate function of government?
RAND:  Now, let's get this straight.  My postion is fully consistent.  Not only the post office, but streets, roads, and above all, schools should all be privately owned and privately run.  I advocate the separation of state and economics.  The government should be concerned only with those issues which involve the use of force.  This means: the police, the armed services, and the law courts to settle disputes among men. Nothing else. Everything else should be privately run and would be much better run. 
PLAYBOY:  Would you create any new government departments or agencies? 
RAND:  No, and I truly cannot discuss things that way. I am not a government planner nor do I spend my time inventing Utopias. I'm talking about principles whose  practical applications are clear. If I have said that I am opposed to the initiation of force, what else has to be discussed? 
PLAYBOY:  What about force in foreign policy? You have said that any free nation had the right to invade Nazi Germany during World War II . . . 
RAND:  Certainly. 
PLAYBOY:  . . . And that any free nation today has the moral right -- though not the duty -- to invade Soviet Russia, Cuba, or any other "slave pen." Correct? 
RAND:  Correct. A dictatorship -- a country that violates the rights of its own citizens --  is an outlaw and can claim no rights. 
PLAYBOY:  Would you actively advocate that the United States invade Cuba or the Soviet Union? 
RAND:  Not at present. I don't think it's necessary. I would advocate that which the Soviet Union fears above all else: economic boycott. I would advocate a blockade of Cuba and an economic boycott of Soviet Russia; and you would see both those regimes collapse without the loss of a single American life. 
PLAYBOY:  Would you favor U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations? 
RAND:  Yes. I do not sanction the grotesque pretense of an organization allegedly devoted to world peace and human rights, which includes Soviet Russia, the worst aggressor and bloodiest butcher in history, as one of its members. The notion of protecting rights, with Soviet Russia among the protectors, is an insult to the concept of rights and to the intelligence of any man who is asked to endorse or sanction such an organization. 

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