The American Ecological Church of Global Warming
(Amendment I of the Constitution of the United States says:
"Congress shall make no law respecting 
an establishment of religion..."
BUT: this does NOT apply to US because OURS is
Now, bow down!   BELIEVE, OBEY

The Creed of the Gorons

We believe in Global Warming
the Sea-Raiser, the All-Powerful,
maker of tsunami and hurricane,
of all that is, seen and unseen.

We believe in one Cause, 
The Activities of Man,
the lowest of all creatures,
except the ones that are brown.

Gasses from Coal, not Recycling from Blight, 
true Cause from true Gasoline, made, not begotten, of Driving when One Could Walk; 
through Man all pollutions were made.

For us and for our salvation Albert the Goracle
Came down from heaven, was incarnate of the Holy Nader and the Virgin Chomsky and became truly political.
For our sake he was un-elected under Pontius Harris; he suffered defeat and was retired.
On the third year he rose again
in accordance with the Documentarians;
he ascended into Hollywood and is seated at the right hand of the Film Executives.
He will come again in glory
to judge the polluting and the recycling,
and his kingdom will have a biodegradable end.

We believe in Global Warming, the Destroyer,
and the taker of life, who proceeds from the Car and the Industry, who with the Suburbs and the Factory Farm is worshiped and glorified,
by the prophets of Greed. 
We believe in the scientists who agree 
With us and our beliefs.
We accept the starvation of Billions,
for the forgiveness of environmental sins.
We look for the return to subsistence farming,
and the whole grain life of the world to come.



Thou shalt not pollute; to do so would be a Sin.
Thou shalt indoctrinate the young; for not to do so is a Sin.
Thou shalt not go against received wisdom; it would be blasphemy.
To do so in public shall be construed to be proof of possession by evil entities.
Thou shalt refer to all evil entities which do such possessing as "corporations."
Thou shalt strictly follow all church guidelines or be considered as immoral.
Thou shalt interpret all evidence only in light of the unquestionable truths.
Thou shalt busy thy moral body to gain acceptance of our unquestionable truths by all,
and do so with the blinding fury of our all-consuming faith -- with whatever it takes.
Thou shalt honor and revere our oracles and prophets, be they called researchers or verifiers.
Thou shalt honor and revere our high priests, be they Al Gore, Sheryl Crow, celebrities or whoever.
Thou shalt seek forgiveness for any transgressions by seeking indulgences (carbon offset credits) 
or by tithing (donations to Greenpeace, Earth First, etc).
Thou shalt not go against the will of Almighty Gaia or she will punish us 
with hurricanes, floods, disease, searing heat, plagues and pestilence.
Thou shalt listen to us and only us or be DOOMED FOR ALL ETERNITY.

*Besides, it's not true that the panic about global warming was invented only as another method of destroying capitalism and establishing the collectivism we cherish.
The Great Holy Gore

CO2 Meter 

Melting Under Scrutiny

The Complete IDIOT'S Guide to
                  Global Warming
 How to Create a Gore-thodoxy


"It is time for our school systems to stop accepting the gospel of that false religion and start doing their due diligence. Our children should be taught about the demonstrable solar cycles; and the whole human-caused Global Warming theory, along with the Hockey Stick Hoax, should be taught only as another example, after Piltdown Man and pre-Copernican theories of planetary movement, of how science can be corrupted when ideology gets ahead of the data.

"It is time for us to laugh at the ideologues who try to pretend that any criticism of Global Warming alarmism is idiotic and unscientific. They are the ones who ignore the data; they are the ones who believe on faith alone, without evidence; and, most important, they are the ones who are trying to stifle the opposition without answering it.

"The Global Warming alarmists are the anti-science religion that is trying to forcibly indoctrinate and convert everyone while suppressing dissent. And the news media are their patsies, their stooges, their puppets.

"Right now, let's start demanding that whenever the local newspaper or TV stations say anything about Global Warming, they back it up with actual data that takes into account the solar oscillations, the real climate history of the earth, and the facts about what CO2 actually does in the atmosphere.

"It's time to stop letting them pass along other people's lies. It's time for the news media to stop doing cocktail party 'research' and dig down into the science and get it right." -- Orson Scott Card, HERE

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