Nationally syndicated, talk radio host, Neal Boortz was outraged!

                 Allison and Jason Combs, of Little Rock, AK were married in May and came through Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport enroute to their honeymoon in Cancun. While at the airport, Allison discovered her mother's .22 handgun in the carryon bag her mother let her borrow for the honeymoon (security in Arkansas hadn't found it). She didn't know what the proper procedure should be so she flagged down and reported this to a Hartsfield Security Officer, who then directed her to an Atlanta Police Officer on duty at the Airport. The Atlanta Police Officer didn't know how to proceed so he contacted his superior, who told him to arrest her! SO - Allison ended up spending her honeymoon night in an Atlanta jail cell and her husband had to find an Atlanta hotel room and learn to use the Atlanta Mass-Transit system and cope with her legal problems! There is more to this story (and all charges were dropped) but ...

                 Neal Boortz and WSB decided to do something about this injustice and asked Atlanta Businesses to step to the plate and show Allison and Jason what a great city Atlanta (sans government) really is - so he brought them back for a 1st class weekend. While Neal and WSB's Clark Howard paid for Allison and Jason's airline tickets local businesses opened their hearts and gave the newlyweds a free stay at the Four Season's Hotel, tickets to the Punchline Comedy Club, Limo service for the weekend, Jewelry, meals at Planet Hollywood, Tu-Tu Tango, Dante's Down the Hatch, The Cabin Restaurant, and much more - and JPM Television provided a video highlight package of their weekend! (You can visit Neal's website,, for a complete list of the weekend events). This was southern hospitality at its finest!

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Shhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!! (please don't tell anybody; Neal wants to maintain his reputation as "MR. INSENSITIVITY.", okay?)

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