The Six Scariest Words In the English Language
by Edward Britton

Consider the following scenarios:

You're an instructor in a high school or college classroom.  One day, a "crazed gun(person)" runs in and starts lining up your students with the obvious intent to shoot them.  The police are five minutes away at best.

Or. . .

You're a pilot or flight steward on a passenger jet liner. One day, a "crazed terrorist" starts running up and down the aisles of your aircraft slaughtering passengers with a box cutter. (His/her actions may or may not be accompanied by exclamations in a foreign language regarding the "greatness" of "God.")   Because you're 20,000 feet in the air, neither the police nor any other arm of government can rescue you from the circumstances.

1) You live in a society which has reacted to such events in the past by placing severe restrictions on the lawful ownership and ability to carry/use handguns, rifles or other weapons as means of self defense;

2) You live in a society which has reacted to such events in the past by making it easier for law-abiding citizens to carry (concealed or otherwise)/use handguns, rifles or other weapons as means of self defense.

In which of the two scenarios above do you, your staff, and your passengers/charges stand a GREATER chance of surviving an attack by said gun(persons) or terrorists?

In all of the words comprising the English language, six stand out in my mind as the scariest.  In the next few weeks/months, you'll doubtless be hearing politicians utter them time-and-time-again in any number of combinations.  Those words are as follows:

"We need"___________
"We must"___________
"We should"__________

American citizens beware, because each time you hear those words from someone in government, you WILL be losing rights.  You WILL be hearing the utterance of phrases which, when used by such persons in the past, have led DIRECTLY to the tragedies we've seen unfold today (and on September 11, 2001, April 20, 1999, April 19, 1993, etc).

How YOU respond to the use of these words will determine not only how many rights which YOU will lose (or to what degree), but also how many tragedies such as the one which occurred today will happen in the future.  When you hear politicians utter these words, hold  both word and speaker in contempt!  Revile them and, indeed, FEAR them, for THESE are the persons--and these are the words--from whom oppression and tyranny spring eternal! Oppose them in whatever legal/lawful manner which remains at your disposal!  Your life may well depend on it!

Amendment II of the United States Constitution:

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."


[Note:  ALL of the infamous cases of school and workplace shootings and knifings took place in known "Gun-Free Zones."] -- Be sure to read what total moron "Virginia Tech spokesman" Larry Hincker says in THIS report of verrrry bad news which took place in JANUARY, 2006:

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