How do you think Biden:  
  • lost all 27 House toss-up races,
  • lost 18 out of 19 bellwether counties,
  • lost Florida, Iowa and Ohio, 
  • won a record low 17% of counties, 
  • lost support among Blacks and Hispanics,
  • drew 14 people to his rallies, 
  • hid in his basement, 
  • generated zero enthusiasm,
... yet won the popular vote??? 
                   -- hat tip: @SCmusic82

                            "THE PLOT TO STEAL AMERICA"

  • A 78 yr old man campaigned from his basement
  • Picks one of the most unpopular candidates for VP
  • Receives the most votes of any candidate in history at 4am
  • Was confirmed in the middle of the night
  • Had an empty inauguration
  • Had 20,000 troops to protect him
  • & nobody can question any part of it? Wow.
                          - Elijah Schafer 

Screenshots 3 am Nov. 4th before they made the poll watchers leave:

HERE are links to
HOURS of testimony by American Citizens who signed affidavits under oath describing massive fraud that they personally witnessed or discovered during the 2020 election:

  • In Pennsylvania, 100,000 fake ballots were driven in from New York. Biden's margin of "victory" was 68,000.
  • In Wisconsin, 100,000 ballots were back-dated by the US Postal Service to appear they had arrived by Nov 3 deadline. Biden's margin of "victory" was 20,000.
  • In Georgia, 66,247 ballots were cast by underage people not legally old enough to vote. Biden's margin of "victory" was 10,000.
  • In Nevada, 42,284 voters double voted (voted more than once.) Biden's margin of "victory" was 34,000.
  • In Arizona, 36,400 NON-citizens voted. Biden's margin of "victory" was 10,000.
  • A Printer in Michigan Printed Tens of Thousands of Excess Pennsylvania Ballots Which Were Shipped to New York and Fraudulently Filled Out Before Being Delivered to Pennsylvania.

See: Chain of custody for over 400,000 Georgia absentee ballots: missing (REPORT) HERE  

PA 'received' 1,462,302 more mail-in ballots
                    than were sent out

So Pennsylvania reported that they 'received' 1,462,302 more mail-in ballots
than were originally sent out.  


“Because instead of widespread election fraud, it only takes deep election fraud in six cities to flip the swing states they are in, to thereby flip the electoral college, and to thereby steal the election nationally. Those cities are Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.” HERE  

The Detroit TCF Center Election Fraud –
Newly Discovered Video Shows Late Night Deliveries of Tens of Thousands
of Illegal Ballots 8 Hours After Deadline

HERE is Mike Lindell's vote fraud documentary ABSOLUTE PROOF:
(Save it to disk if you can)


"It is easy to sit up and take notice. What is difficult is getting up and taking action"
- Al Batt

The Deep Rig

Let the unraveling of all the lies and election fraud begin!
404,000 invalid votes in GA
432,000 Trump votes trashed in PA
AZ about to be truly audited
MI county official admits fraud
Antrim County MI shows votes flipped
35,000 votes added to Democratic candidates in AZ upon start of Election Day or just prior

More to come. This was COUP 5.0. The presidency and power of the United States of America was stolen with interference by China and Iran & others.

We must return to paper ballots.
The courts must rectify this fraud.
The current occupant of the White House does Not reflect the WILL of #WeThePeople
Demand paper ballots.

"We must return to paper ballots.
The courts must rectify this fraud.
The current occupant of the White House does Not reflect the WILL of #WeThePeople
Demand paper ballots." - Sidney Powell, March 10, 2021 

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