PROSPERITY is fragile, so it's Priority ONE --
IT is what makes EVERYTHING else possible

$14,374,330,000,000 -- The Total Increase in Household Wealth Since April 2003. That's over 14 TRILLION  dollars [A million seconds is less than 12 days; a billion seconds is over 31 years; a trillion seconds is more than 31,000 years, and 14 trillion seconds is over 434,000 years]
$5,700,000,000,000 -- The Total Increase in Shareholder Wealthh Since May 20, 2003 

    $863,654,000,000 -- The Total Amount of Tax Cuts Enacted Since Fiscal Year 2003 

    $625,000,000,000 -- The Total Increase in Federal Tax Revenuues Since FY 2003 [$863,654,000,000 were removed from revenues by the Tax Cuts and $1,488,654,000,000 were THEN ADDED BACK IN DUE TO THE STRONGER ECONOMIC GROWTH THEY CAUSED and the 6,800,000 new jobs created, for a net gain of $625,000,000,000 so far, with more to come IF the prosperity is allowed to continue].

    $783,890,000,000 -- The Total Amount of Additional Taax Cuts to be Returned to Taxpayers Through 2010

    $207,788,000,000 -- The Reduction in the Deficit in the Pastt 29 Months DUE TO STRONGER ECONOMIC GROWTH

    4.6% -- The Continuing Unemployment Rate, Lower than the averages of the 70's, 80's and 90's, which continues to fly in the face of the Media's agenda- driven focus on economic pessimists.  Update: It just dropped to 4.4%

    3.7% -- The Average GDP Growth Rate Since The Tax Cut Was Enacted (the long run average is 3.3%), Calculated Quarterly

    $98,600,000,000 -- The Combined Income Gains for Shareholders From Dividend Increases AND Tax Savings from 2003 to 2005

    $62,000,000,000 -- The Surplus of Capital Gains Tax Revenuee Not Foreseen or Accounted-for by Old School Revenue Estimators 

    91,000,000 -- The Number of Individuals Owning Shares of Stock in America

    23,000,000 -- The Number of Small Businesses Benefiting from Income Tax Reductions 

    6,800,000 -- The Number of Jobs Created Since the Tax Cut Was Signed Into Law -- which is more new jobs than the ENTIRE rest of the Industrialized West altogether!

    12,000 -- The Magic Number of the Dow Jones Industrial Index -- Just Now Achieved

    25 -- How many years the total number of dividend-paying companies were declining up until the 2003 Tax Cut 

    74.0% -- The Increase in the Number of S&P 500 Companies BOOSTING their Dividends AFTER 2002

    164.0% -- The Increase in the Dividend Tax Rate which would occur IF the Income and Dividend Tax Cuts expire as the Democrats want them to

    123.0% -- The % Increase in Dividend Income and Share Repurchases Since the 2003 Tax Cut

    91.0% -- The % Increase of Stock Ownership among the Bottom Quintile of Income Earners Since 1995 

    65.0% -- The % of Voters Who Were Investors by the time of the 2004 Elections 

    $2,092 -- What the Tax Increase for a Family of Four With $50k of Income Would Be IF Tax Cuts Are Repealed, or are allowed to expire, as the Democrats want

    200 -- The Number of House Members Who Voted Against This Growth-Generating Tax Cut as most Democrats seem unable or unwilling to grasp the meaning, let alone the importance, of these crucial facts of economic reality

    50 -- The Number of US Senators Who Voted AGAINST This Growth-Generating Tax Cut  -- THAT'S HOW CLOSE THE VOTE WAS

    300,001,643 -- The TOTAL Number of Americans benefitingg from the Republicans' 2003 Tax Cut
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    “None of these tax cuts is affordable. None of them creates jobs, and they are not fair. All of them do damage to our long-term economic growth and contribute to the national deficit.”
    -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA); May 09, 2003

    "The President has the worst jobs record since the Great Depression" -- Clueless House Minority Leader SanFranNaan (D-CA), Nov. 3, 2006

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Negative Reporting

     Bad news is always bigger news than good news. But a study by the Business and Media Institute says when it comes to the economy, broadcast network news stories are overwhelmingly and intentionally negative.

     The year-long study of evening news programs revealed more than twice as many negative economic stories as positive — and the negative stories were in full -length reports — while the positive were in shorter forms. The study says the "CBS Evening News" went negative on the economy in 80 percent of its reports — the highest percentage among the three networks. [see ]

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